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Helsinki Festival 2022

This unique annual celebration showcases unique art to everyone. It's the perfect time to open the art inside of you as well!


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For 17 days every year Helsinki turns into the main spot to celebrate music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. It is one of the largest summer events, held in late August through early September.

The event attracts Finnish and international artists and performers from classic music concerts and operas to jazz, pop, and contemporary music flows. Here you can find both dramatic and expressive modern dances and visual art and lots of entertaining events.

Enjoy the Night of Arts as just one part of this huge celebration. This is the time to try any kind of art you'd like to try and maybe discover new talents in you. You can find lots of various workshops, art corners, and flash mobs that are open for all. You can perform for a few minutes in public as an actor or a dancer on an open stage or take part in any mass performance. You can also enjoy the outdoor cinema or attend a poetry recital. This is an ideal time to roam throughout the city and enjoy the art to be found in every corner!

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