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Midburn Festival 2019

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Midburn Festival is a five-days long most broadcasted Israeli artistic event. The festival is the Israeli version of the 'Burning Man Festival' and takes place in the Negev Desert, near Sde Boker. The name of the festival consists of the Hebrew word for "desert" (מידבר midbar) and the English word "burn". The backdrop for the celebration constitutes itself as a powerful gathering spot for extravagant people raring to express themselves in various artistic ways. If you are into loud festivals and want to experience the most of the expressive art, you will definitely love this event.

The first Midburn was held in June, 2014, and attracted about 3,000 people. The latest editions of the festival drew in about 8,000 visitors. Midburn is not a music event so don't expect to see a big stage and lineup. It is more about art and self expression. The center of the camp has many large art displays and installations. A huge temple is burned on the final night. The main principles of Midburn are: Radical inclusion, Communal effort, Gifting, Civic responsibility, Decommodification, Leaving no trace, Radical self-reliance, Participation, and Radical self-expression. The best part of Midburn are parties organized by various groups on the camping grounds. They can be intimate or quite crowded, but always fun! There are many creative ideas and concepts to be discussed, but this place is recognized as the perfect place to socialize and seek inspiration.

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