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Dead Sea Spa

Your saltiest experience on the lowest and one of the most stunning wonders on Earth

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Head for the world's most amazing natural spa resort and get the first-hand experience floating, rolling and puddling on the surface of the Dead Sea. The salty water, the mud and the air you breathe around—all are extremely beneficial for your body making the spot the very best and exquisite spa resort.

Keep in mind, though, that the area is the lowest on the Earth making it unbearably hot in summer months. Therefore, plan your spa journey for a bit colder part of the year to enjoy the experience to the full.

Another thing that may let you down a bit is the healing mud that is a bit slippery and may a bit complicate your walking, but it's part of the experience as well.

Thus, keep your eyes off the water, lie on the surface of a fascinating water, and bask under the warm Israeli sea.​ And...make sure to bring some flip-flops or other shoes not to injure your feet with crystallised salt surface!

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