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Semuc Champey: Natural Pool Staircase

A collection of turquoise pool stairs ar​e remarkable for their natural perfection, uniqueness, and beauty


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As one looks at the Semuc Champey staircase the only thought that pops into one's mind is likely to be about nature's perfection—hardly any sculptor or designer could have done the same. This natural wonder can be found in Guatemala's jungles not far from Parque Nacional Grutas de Lanquín.

The pools descend downwards along the limestone bridge and are not to be missed. Be cautious as the bottom of the pools is slippery and should be traversed carefully. Upstairs you can find a gorge with the Cahabón River plunging into underground caves—​be careful not to fall in! The surrounding jungles offer more delightful scenery to enjoy. The best season to explore the area in between November and April.

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