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Prokletije National Park in Montenegro

Mountain biking, hiking, fishing—try all these activities in Prokletije National Park!

Best time: May–September

Prokletije National Park
Prokletije National Park
Prokletije National Park

Located in eastern Montenegro, Prokletije National Park is considered to be one of the most exciting mountain regions of the Western Balkans​. Its rocky hills and emerald-green fields will undoubtedly impress those who are crazy about mountains! Besides unbelievable flora and fauna, there are different types of activities you can try.

Check out biking tracks and hiking trails; there are numerous routes created for tourists. But beware: it’s quite extreme to move thr​ough Prokletije, so prepare well! This national park is also famous for its clear lakes and rivers, so fishing is a good idea too. The best time for discovering the whole spectrum of Prokletije’s beauty is from May to September.

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What activities can be enjoyed in Prokletije National Park?

One can indulge in numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing in Prokletije National Park. It is a popular destination for mountaineers as well, courtesy of its challenging peaks. Avid enthusiasts can explore the park's rugged terrain on their own or accompanied by a guide since the park boasts several biking and hiking trails for all skill levels and interests. Show more

When is the ideal time to visit Prokletije National Park for outdoor activities?

The most favorable period to visit Prokletije National Park for enjoying outdoor activities is from May to September, when the weather is pleasant and comfortable. The park's natural beauty can be relished during this time, and a range of activities can be undertaken. Alternatively, during the early spring and late autumn, challenging trails become even more arduous due to unpredictable weather. Winter makes the park comparatively less accessible for visitors. Show more

Does Prokletije National Park offer customized biking trails for tourists?

Multiple biking trails tailored to the varying skill levels and interests of tourists are available at Prokletije National Park. The park offers shorter and less demanding tracks for beginners and more challenging routes for professionals. Additionally, tourists can indulge in biking with scenic views of the park's forests, lakes, and mountain peaks. Renting bikes and equipment from the local shops is also possible, and experienced guides can suggest the best routes to undertake. Show more

What are the crucial things tourists must keep in mind for hiking in Prokletije National Park?

Hiking in Prokletije National Park can be rigorous; therefore, prior preparation is crucial. Visitors must check the forecast before commencing their hiking journey and carry proper gear like footwear with adequate ankle support, maps, ample food, and water. The rugged terrain may prove to be difficult to navigate, especially for inexperienced hikers. Hence, hiring a guide is advisable. Show more

What are some unique places to visit in addition to mountains, fields, and lakes in the national park?

Prokletije National Park has several distinct places to visit like Ali Pasha's Springs, located in the southeastern part of the area, comprising a group of glacial lakes named after the eminent Albanian ruler. Plav-Gusinje Highlands is another interesting location, situated between Montenegro and Albania, which offers awe-inspiring rural landscapes. Additionally, visitors can experience traditional farming and try the local cuisine in the nearby hills. Show more

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