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Snorkeling in Montenegro

Meet unu​sual sea inhabitants at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea during the summertime

Best time: June–August


Of course, Montenegro is not Hawaii, and the Adriatic Sea is not the Pacific Ocean. But still, snorkeling, or fish-watching, can be entertaining enough here. The best season for it is when the water is warm and clear—during the summertime. There are no organized tours, but you can manage it by yourself without any problems. Visibility in the water is pretty good there, so you can see various inhabitants, such as Adriatic fish, anemones, sea urchins, jellyfish, and more.

A good place for snorkeling can be any quiet bay near Budva, Kotor, T​ivat, or any other town at the seaside. Just take your diving mask, snorkel, life jacket and any other safety gear you need, and start exploring the mysterious sea bottom!

The Blue Cave in Veslo deserves a special praise among snorkeling locations. It's the largest sea cave found on Lustica Peninsula, and it also claims to be the most picturesque one. The sun rays that hit the clear sandy bottom reflect up through the pristine water making the whole cave look blue. You'll see those enchanting blues while approaching the cave, but the best color reveals itself underwater. Knowing that almost all of the coast here is actually rocky, makes this hole even more precious.

Practical info

What is a recommended Montenegrin activity that can be done at the seaside?

Montenegro has an excellent coastline for exploring the sea bottom by snorkeling. Popular seaside towns such as Budva, Kotor, and Tivat have plenty of quiet bays that are great for snorkeling. One of the most scenic locations for snorkeling in Montenegro is the Blue Cave, which is found in Veslo on Lustica Peninsula. Show more

Which marine creatures can be observed while snorkeling in Montenegro?

Snorkeling in Montenegro is an opportunity to see a variety of aquatic species such as sea urchins, anemones, jellyfish, and Adriatic fish. Additionally, it is possible to see unique and uncommon species such as the Adriatic seahorse. The water's clarity in Montenegro is decent, which means that snorkelers can witness a diverse array of underwater life. Show more

Can snorkel tours be booked in Montenegro?

To date, no formal snorkeling tours are available in Montenegro, so tourists must arrange their own snorkeling adventures. Most seaside towns have rental shops where snorkeling equipment can be hired, or visitors can bring their own gear. If you're not an experienced snorkeler, you should hire a skilled instructor who can guide you through the area safely and effectively. Show more

What is the best time of year to go snorkeling in Montenegro?

To find the ideal conditions for snorkeling in Montenegro, plan your trip between June and August when the water is warmer and more transparent. During this time of year, underwater visibility is improved, and the waters are clear. If you prefer quieter beaches and cooler temperatures, you can visit Montenegro in the shoulder season, from May to September, but expect lower water temperatures and less marine diversity. Show more

What makes the Blue Cave in Veslo unique for snorkeling in Montenegro?

The Blue Cave in Veslo is the biggest and most picturesque cave on the Lustica Peninsula in Montenegro. The cave's sandy bottom becomes a reflective surface for sunlight, causing the cave to appear blue. The closer you get, the more lovely the blues become, and the best colors are observable underwater. The Blue Cave is an exceptional snorkeling location as well as being awe-inspiring. Show more

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