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Shark Watching

Now giant sharks are more frequent visitors of English coastal waters

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England, settled in the northern latitudes, can't boast the largest fish of the ocean, although some big sharks like it here. At least 21 species live in British waters all year round, including the Portuguese Dogfish, Black Dogfish, Kitefin Shark, and Gulper Shark that are only found in deep waters. From May to October it is possible to see the world’s second largest fish—the Basking Shark.

You can easily notice a sharp high fin among the waves. In this giant shark, this fin can reach 1.5 meters; it is clearly visible when feeding near the surface of the water. Due to the fact that the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel have become much warmer than before, more algae appears in these waters, increasing the amount of plankton and these giant sharks that feed on them.

The Blue Shark and Shortfin Mako are other visitors of British waters. The Smooth Hammerhead and Frilled Shark are occasionally "guests" of the islands. Only at the beginning of the 21st century there was the appearance of a White Shark near the shores of England. Since then, the inhabitants of Britain have not seen these predators anymore

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