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Diving in Madeira

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Diving is a great experience in Madeira that has average visibility 25-30 meters and plenty of rare sea species. You can explore reefs and caves, encounter parrot fish, octopus, starfish, tuna, and barracudas. You can even see a manta ray, sharks, dolphins or whales. Popular diving sites are Garajau National Park, Ponta de Sao Lourenco and many more. Diving in Madeira is possible at all seasons, however, ​ April–November is considered to be the best time because the water is calm and warm with a good visibility.

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What are some of the popular diving sites in Madeira?

Garajau National Park is a renowned location for experiencing a diversity of marine life such as rays, barracudas, and more. Ponta de Sao Lourenco is another favored spot with its diverse range of coral, lobsters, and smaller fish species. You can encounter sea turtles and larger fish species in dive sites like Wreck of P895, Lagoa do Fogo, and Reis Magos. Show more

Can I see dolphins or whales while diving in Madeira?

While diving, you might come across whales or dolphins in Madeira, especially the common dolphin, the sperm whale, and the humpback whale. These mammals are usually visible swimming in the deeper parts of the sea. Boat tours and some diving centers also offer the opportunity for a closer encounter with these majestic creatures. Show more

When is the best time to visit Madeira for diving?

The best time to dive in Madeira is from April to November. The water temperature ranges between 22°C-26°C along with optimal diving conditions due to pleasant weather and calm sea during these months. If you want to avoid the crowds, diving from June to September could be better, with water temperatures remaining ideal for diving. Show more

Where can I rent diving equipment in Madeira?

Atalaia Dive Center, Dive Control, and Madeira Divepoint provide top-rated diving equipment rentals in Madeira. They have well-maintained, high-quality equipment that would serve every dive level from full gear to partial gear. Diving centers even offer training courses, and some rental packages come with accommodation and transportation. Show more

What are the sea temperatures like in Madeira during diving season?

Madeira is warm all year round, making it a suitable diving destination. Diving season from April to November depicts optimal water temperatures averaging between 22°C-26°C, with excellent visibility reaching 25-30 meters. In December to March, while the temperatures drop to 17°C-21°C, it is still feasible to experience Madeira's diving, and you can wear a 5-7mm wetsuit. Show more

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