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Diving and Snorkelling

Panama is one of the best places to go diving. You will be definitely amazed by the local underwater world


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Diving resembles spacewalking and on Colón Island you can go diving all year-round. The best months for this activity are April, May, November, and December. However, the diving conditions within the Caribbean coast are different. For instance, on the Pacific side the temperature and visibility are almost unpredictable.

Diving and Snorkelling in Panama - Best Season 2020

Atlantic part is more predictable: the water temperature is constant and does not fall below + 24 ° C and there are no problems with underwater visibility. The San Blas Archipelago is famous worldwide for its beautiful islands formed of corals. It is surrounded by crystal-clear water that is perfect to go snorkelling and diving into. Portobelo Bay, Mamey Island, and Isla Grande are meeting places for divers and snorkelers. Newly developed islands besides their natural beauty contain new hotels, restaurants, condos, bungalows and all commodities you may ask for. Best beaches in the word are waiting for you to explore.

Best time for Diving and Snorkelling in Panama 2020

In Panama you are allowed to dive in the Panama Canal Zone. There you can find sunken equipment that was used in the construction process. The most famous divers' attraction that you can find in the canal area is the sunk train.

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