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Diving near Borneo Island

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Malaysia is a must go place for every diver, as it contains some great spots for muck diving, macro diving, wreck diving, and diving with sharks.

Both the East and West coasts of Malaysia are suitable for exploration, but seasonality is what really makes the difference between them. If you plan to visit between April and October, then head to the Eastern part, specifically, Borneo island.

Mataking Island Reef Dive Resort 2020
Mataking Island Reef Dive Resort

This region attracts divers who love meeting really big fish. Hammerhead Sharks, Box Jellyfish, Stingrays, Bull Sharks—there are plenty of them, especially near Sipadan Island and Layang-Layang Island, also known as the Swallow Reef.

Clownfish off the Sipadan Island 2020
Clownfish off the Sipadan Island

Also, the sea near Borneo is a favourite place for muck divers. They explore its bottom in search of rare critters, tiny weird fish, and others descend for macro photography.

Mataking Coral 2020
Mataking Coral

Several spots near Borneo are especially popular among tourists, as they reveal the beauty and power of the deep water—oceanic Gardens, Barracuda Point, Turtle Cavern and, of course, the famous Drop Off, where knee-high water suddenly becomes a 600-meter deep hole.

Sipedan Sabah, Borneo 2020
Sipedan Sabah, Borneo

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