Best time to visit Mallorca

Scuba Diving in Mallorca

Do not spend all your time on the ground, as the waters of the Balearic Sea hide many unforgettable attractions as well

Best time: March–November

Scuba Diving in Mallorca
Scuba Diving in Mallorca
Scuba Diving in Mallorca
Scuba Diving in Mallorca
Scuba Diving in Mallorca

The water of the Balearic Sea in the summer is perfectly warm for a relaxed swimming session. But what is even better is the chance to explore the depths of this temperate sea. The coast and the nearby sea bottom of Mallorca have many sights that can impress both beginners and professional scuba divers alike. The numerous caves and underwater flora and fauna are especially worth visiting. One very famous site is called "three caves" and is located between Cap Vermell and Font de Scala. Each cave requires different levels of proficiency, so everyone will have a suitable trip. Another unique spot for scuba diving is in Ca'n Picafort. In addition to several caves, there is a sunken wartime submarine there as well.

In order to discover the underwater life near Mallorca, you should head to Alcudia. You can admire beautiful rock and coral formations, both small and large jellyfish, and grab an "olive of the sea" from the Posidonia Oceanica. There are plenty of scuba diving schools around this place, but be sure to reserve equipment in advance, as this period can be busy in Mallorca.

Practical info

When is the best time to go scuba diving in Mallorca?

Between March and November is the ideal time to go scuba diving in Mallorca. The waters offer a warm temperature and plenty of sights to explore including underwater caves, rock formations, coral reefs, and wreckage sites. The summer months provide an especially relaxed diving experience. Show more

Where are the best scuba diving spots in Mallorca?

You can find spectacular diving spots in Mallorca, such as 'three caves' located between Cap Vermell and Font de Scala, Ca'n Picafort, and Alcudia. These areas have numerous marine sightings, such as underwater caves, rock formations, coral reefs, including wartime submarines. There are many diving schools available to tourists around these spots. Show more

What type of underwater flora and fauna can I expect to see in Mallorca's waters?

Mallorca's seas have an abundance of diverse and colourful marine life that includes large and small jellyfish, 'olives of the sea,' coral formation, octopuses, conger eels, groupers, and nocturnal creatures such as shrimps, lobsters, and crabs in sunken submarines and underwater caves. Show more

Are there any specific diving certifications required to explore Mallorca's underwater caves?

Most diving spots in Mallorca are accessible for all individuals, including beginners and professionals. However, some complex areas may require certifications and good experience to explore. Tourists should ensure each site's requirements to match their diving level adequately. Most diving schools offer training and certification for beginners who are new to diving to enjoy their expedition safely. Show more

How crowded can the scuba diving spots be in Mallorca during peak season?

Mallorca attracts numerous holidaymakers during peak season, making its scuba diving spots busier than average. Diving schools and centers provide adequate equipment and professional instructors to accommodate the increased demand. Nevertheless, divers can avoid delays by reserving diving equipment and making prior arrangements with the centers. It is best to make arrangements in advance, especially if divers plan a trip during peak season. Show more

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