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Scuba Diving in Mallorca

Do not spend all your time on the ground, as the waters of the Balearic Sea hide many unforgettable attractions as well


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The water of the Balearic Sea in the summer is perfectly warm for a relaxed swimming session. But what is even better is the chance to explore the depths of this temperate sea. The coast and the nearby sea bottom of Mallorca have many sights that can impress both beginners and professional scuba divers alike. The numerous caves and underwater flora and fauna are especially worth visiting. One very famous site is called "three caves" and is located between Cap Vermell and Font de Scala. Each cave requires different levels of proficiency, so everyone will have a suitable trip. Another unique spot for scuba diving is in Ca'n Picafort. In addition to several caves, there is a sunken wartime submarine there as well.

Scuba Diving in Mallorca in Mallorca - Best Season 2020

In order to discover the underwater life near Mallorca, you should head to Alcudia. You can admire beautiful rock and coral formations, both small and large jellyfish, and grab an "olive of the sea" from the Posidonia Oceanica. There are plenty of scuba diving schools around this place, but be sure to reserve equipment in advance, as this period can be busy in Mallorca.

Best time for Scuba Diving in Mallorca in Mallorca 2020
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Best time for Scuba Diving in Mallorca 2020

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