Best time to visit Mallorca

Hiking around Mallorca

Cliffs, hills, mountains, canyons, torrents and the valleys of Mallorca await you

Best time: February–May | September–October

Hiking around Mallorca
Hiking around Mallorca
Hiking around Mallorca
Hiking around Mallorca
Hiking around Mallorca
Hiking around Mallorca

Beautiful landscapes make Mallorca a perfect place for hiking. Both beginners and the more experienced will find diverse routes here. The whole west side of the island is covered by the Tramuntana mountain range with peaks reaching about 1200 meters and canyons around 600 meters in depth. One of the most difficult hikes is through Torrent de Pareis. Hikers should be fit and experienced and ready not only for walking and climbing but also for abseiling. Another tough hiking route is to up to Puig de Massanella which, the second highest peak on the island.

If extreme hikes are not for you, there are many hills, valleys, and sandy beaches suitable for pleasant walks. For example, a walk from Boquer Valley to Cala Boquer near Pollença provides great encounters with local birds, such as falcons and black vultures. By the way, Cala Boquer is a lovely beach accessible only by foot, so relaxing and sunbathing without any crowds is guaranteed there.

Hiking in Mallorca can also be combined with other extreme activities like cliff jumping, abseiling, and climbing. So a full day of attractions and adrenaline is easy to find on the island. Plan your hiking trip between February and May, when the moderate sun and dry weather is most suitable for this activity. Spring months also offer some wild flowers blooming along the hiking trails that makes experiences even better. In addition, you may get some cool pictures with snowy mountain peaks in the background if you hike during winter months.

Late summer and autumn months are not as green, however, you might be lucky to go for a swim in empty hidden bays. Both spring and early autumn are cooler than summer months, thus the weather is more suitable for hiking.

Practical info

What are the best months to go hiking in Mallorca?

Moderate sun and dry weather make February through May and September through October the best months for hiking in Mallorca. The wildflowers in bloom during the spring add to the experience. As a result, you'll encounter more hikers during those months. Plan your hikes accordingly. Show more

What is the most difficult hiking route in Mallorca?

Torrent de Pareis is the most challenging route for hikers visiting Mallorca. It's not for the inexperienced or unfit. The narrowest point in the 600-meter-deep gorge is a mere two meters wide and necessitates walking, climbing, and abseiling. The hike is tricky, yet taking in the gorge's breathtaking views makes it worth it. Show more

What are some unique birds that can be encountered while hiking in Boquer Valley?

Black vultures and falcons are just a few of the bird species you'll come across while hiking in Boquer Valley. This valley is a haven for such birds, thanks to its diverse habitats, including wetlands, pine forests, rock formations, and bushlands. Observe these birds from a safe distance while hiking. Show more

Can hiking in Mallorca be combined with other extreme activities?

Yes, Mallorca's hiking activities can be combined with other extreme sports, such as cliff jumping, abseiling, and rock climbing. Several companies offer combined hiking and extreme sports tours, and the Tramuntana mountain range provides the natural backdrop. Ensure that you have adequate experience to participate in such activities. Show more

What makes hiking in Mallorca during spring months different from the other seasons?

The wildflowers that bloom along the hiking trails distinguish hiking during spring in Mallorca. You can spot various species like almonds, poppies, and roses. Spring's weather is also cooler than summer, and snow on the mountain peaks during winter makes for great photographs. Plan your hikes during the spring season to witness the blooming flowers. Show more

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