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Trekking through Myanmar's Himalayas

Take the opportunity to discover Myanmar's Himalayas, the highest mountains in Southeast Asia


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The far north of Myanmar is a vast and remote wilderness rarely visited by foreigners. Become one of the few tourists to witness fascinating tribal cultures around the town of Putao, virtually untouched by modern civilization, interact with the shy but friendly people of the Rawan and Lisu tribes, enjoy the beauty of the valleys and villages at the foot of their “Ice Mountains," and visit the extraordinary Pindaya Caves. In this region trekking isn’t for everyone, although there are a few moderate routes.

Phongan Razi is the least challenging mountain trek in Myanmar’s Himalayas located near the Arunachel Predesh of India. Go on to Namh Lant Mountain to admire the spectacular views of the rugged landscape. Phonyin Razi is the most flower-filled Himalaya route. The final stretch of this climb is treacherous, as the path edges along a steep cliff but it’s worth it once you reach the peak. Ma Doi is a less popular route that takes hikers through amazing terrain layered in exotic flowers and lush vegetation. It is uninhabited, so you need a very knowledgeable guide. Khakabo Razi is is to the highest peak in Southeast Asia (almost 6,000 meters). If you are an inexperienced climber, it's better to postpone the mountain climbing for the future. Spend a few weeks making your way to the mountain’s basecamp and meet locals and their traditions on this trek. Don't forget that most of the Himalaya Mountains are covered in snow from November to April.

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