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Walking Festivals in Canary Islands

Want to see the most interesting parts of the island? Just take part in the next Gran Canaria Walking Festival or Tenerife Walking Festival

Best time: October 19–22, 2023

Walking Festivals
Walking Festivals
Walking Festivals
Walking Festivals
Walking Festivals
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​The Gran Canaria Walking Festival is one of the biggest international walking events around taking place in October or November. Hundreds of people from various countries take part in the festival and the number of countries is only growing. Hikers from all over the world walk through the mountains, small villages, valleys, and rural paths. Incredible landscapes and various routes showcase the real beauty of the island. Hikers can explore the geological origins of Gran Canaria, its ethnographic origins, and even the astronomical secrets of the night. Tours are provided for both beginners and advanced hikers. In all cases, an official interpreter guide is present. The Gran Canaria Walking Festival is promoted by the Association of Rural Accommodation and Active Tourism Corporations of Gran Canaria.

There is also Tenerife Walking Festival, which combines different types of hikes and trails for groups of friends, families, couples and even single walks. Each hike is provided by a professional guide. Hikers from all over Europe enjoy taking part in this event.​

Practical info

When is the Gran Canaria Walking Festival held?

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival is usually scheduled in the months of October and November every year. The festival invites wandering enthusiasts worldwide to discover the magnificent mountains, valleys, and rural pathways of the island. The Association of Rural Accommodation and Active Tourism Corporations of Gran Canaria organizes this international event each year to appeal to travelers from a variety of countries. Show more

What scenic features should walkers expect to see during the festival?

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival showcases breathtaking landscapes, quaint, lonely villages, green valleys, rough mountains, and rustic alleys that demonstrate the island's astonishing beauty. The event offers excursions for amateurs and experienced hikers, unveiling the different geographical and ethnographic foundations of Gran Canaria. This is an excellent opportunity for walkers to experience the full splendor of the island's natural wonders. Show more

What affordable lodging alternatives are available to hikers during the festival?

To provide affordable accommodations for the festival participants, the organizers offer several lodging options, such as hotels, guesthouses, cottages, and apartments. The Association of Rural Accommodation and Active Tourism Corporations of Gran Canaria facilitates the event and often provides packages for prospective hikers. Accommodations are generally available at or in proximity to the hiking start and end points. Show more

What are the types of hiking routes available during the Tenerife Walking Festival?

The Tenerife Walking Festival has a diverse selection of hikes and paths to offer travelers with various experience levels. There are a total of seven routes for the festival, featuring slow-paced, family-friendly routes, long-distance hikes, and challenging trails, each highlighting the different parts of the island. The hikes are organized and guided by expert nature guides who are informed about the local environment, making it safe and interactive for people of all ages. Show more

Who can participate in these festivals in terms of hiking experience?

These festivals welcome hikers of different experience levels, and the routes are categorized based on fitness and expertise, with walks, trails, and routes suitable for all skill levels. All the hikes and tours are accompanied by an official interpreter guide who assists hikers with communication and issues safety advice when confronted with challenging terrains. This is an opportunity for novices to explore scenic spots while pushing skilled hikers to their limits. Show more

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