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Hiking the GR20 or Grande Radonnee 20 in Corsica

The most challenging and beautiful hiking trail in Europe

Best time: late June–September

Hiking the GR20 or Grande Radonnee 20
Hiking the GR20 or Grande Radonnee 20
Hiking the GR20 or Grande Radonnee 20
Hiking the GR20 or Grande Radonnee 20
Hiking the GR20 or Grande Radonnee 20

This long distance hiking path traverses the whole island of Corsica from north to south. The total distance is 180 kilometers and it takes 15 days to walk. Some parts of it can be dangerous, in particular the Circle of Solitude, where hikers have to descend a steep rock face with the help of chains and cables. But it is very worth doing! After all, we are talking about one of the most spectacular trails in all of Europe.

Practical info

When is the ideal period to hike GR20 in Corsica?

The optimum time to hike GR20 in Corsica is during summer, from late June to September, especially during July and August. This period offers long, sunny days, warm weather, and open-refuges for trekkers. However, due to tourist peak season, expect increased prices and crowds during this period. Show more

Which location marks the starting and finishing points of GR20?

GR20 begins in Calenzana, a small village located in northern Corsica, and ends in Conca, a village situated in southern Corsica, passing through mountains, valleys, forests, rivers, and peaks. Trekkers could choose to go north or south, but most opt for south to north direction to navigate through the challenging parts gradually. Show more

What is the challenge level of the Circle of Solitude, part of GR20?

Circle of Solitude, a part of the GR20 trekking route, is one of the most challenging sections due to elevation, length, and steepness. The trail is about 150 meters long and descends 180 meters. Climbers need cables, ladders, chains, and proper gear to secure themselves and bags. Though this section is tough, the views, rush, and feeling of success make it a memorable trekking experience. Show more

What are the significant attractions across GR20 in Corsica?

GR20 is known for its distinct and diverse tourist attractions across Corsica. Trekkers will pass through several beautiful sites, including stunning mountain lakes like Lac de Nino and Lac de Capitellu, historic bergeries shepherd huts, taste traditional dishes such as wild boar stew, spot various animals like mouflon, vultures, eagles, and beautiful villages like Vizzavona, known for its train station and forest. Show more

What are the safety tips and equipment suggestions for GR20 trekking in Corsica?

Scaling the GR20 trail in Corsica requires trekkers to maintain optimal physical fitness, bring proper gear, and prepare mentally. It is advisable to bring backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, water filters, sturdy hiking boots, headlamps, food, water, and emergency cash. It is also important to monitor daily weather forecast, respect fellow trekkers, avoid hiking under extreme weather conditions, and preserve the trail. In case of emergencies, trekkers should call 112 or use the emergency beacons located at different points along the trail. Show more

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