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Climbing Mount Elbert

This so-called "Gentle Giant" is rocked by violent thunderstorms in the summer and avalanches in the winter

Climbing Mount Elbert in Colorado 2019 - Best Time
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Greg Willis

Rocky Mountains' peak Mount Elbert named after a controversial Colorado governor is also labelled "Gentle Giant". The altitude of 4,401 m above the sea is gigantic indeed. But why gentle? That's not clear, especially taking into account notorious violent storms that take over the Rocky Mountains every afternoon during summertime, and also winter avalanches.

Climbing Mount Elbert in Colorado - Best Season 2020

It looks like Mount Elbert's climbers have no alleviations. Due to avalanches, it's not recommended to hike in the Rocky mountains in winters unless you're a highly experienced climber. Official summer climbing season runs from June through September. Still, even then you have to be alert and self-organized. The main goal is to manage to both ascend to the summit and descend by the afternoon—the thunderstorm time. You don't want to soak under endless flashes of lightning.

Best time for Climbing Mount Elbert in Colorado 2020

So if you're determined to conquer the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains, make sure you set off early enough to come back before the storm breaks out. You should begin at least at 6 am, yet it depends on your speed. There are five common trails, two out of which are the most popular—South Trailhead and North Trailhead.