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Stargazing in Colorado

Colorado offers plenty of amazing places for stargazing. All you need is a car and a thirst for adventure

Best time: all year round (best from October to December)


Even though you can stargaze all year round, it's believed that the best time for stargazing in Colorado is from mid-fall to early winter. Colorado offers its visitors plenty of places where the night sky fascinates and captivates. Stargazing in Colorado is a popular thing that moves the dial of life if tried at least once. Every stargazer knows there is nothing like watching constellations speckled across a clear Colorado sky. In this article, we've put together the best spots to enjoy stargazing in this state. So, get ready to dive deeper into the magical beauty of the night.

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is a 2,500 ft (762 meter) gash located on the southeast flank of the Uinta Mountains. It's one of the latest additions to the International Dark-Sky Association's list of Dark Sky Parks. Dinosaur National Monument features a huge no-light zone, making it a completely dark destination for stargazing fans. The monument is a two-hour drive north of Grand Junction via State Highway 139.

Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve

This national park is one of the few wild places, where rangers encourage visitors to try self-guided night tours in complete darkness. If you are into such kinds of adventures, Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve is a place you must add to your stargazing bucket list. A little tip: plan your visit during the full moon to better navigate the night hike. Also, there are plenty of guided tours for those who prefer scheduled programs with professional guides.

UFO Watchtower – San Luis Valley

The UFO Watchtower in Hooper offers its visitors much more than just stargazing. It's famous for being a hotspot for alien activity and unexplained flying object observation. At this watchtower, you will be amazed by the beauty of solitude and tranquility it offers.


Crestone is a popular sacred land, which serves as a mecca for different beliefs and spiritual traditions. It has more spiritual buildings per square foot than any other place in North America. Thanks to the blend of earth, rock, sky, water, mind, and spirit, you can feel special magical energy there. It makes Crestone one of the top places for stargazing in Colorado.

La Veta

La Veta is a rural town located at the base of the Spanish Peaks in southern Colorado. It gives stargazers breathtaking 360-degree views for enjoying the night sky. La Veta also has plenty of walking and biking trails, such as the La Veta Loop Trail, the Hogback Nature Trail, and the Daigre Reservoir Trail, which showcase its beautiful scenery.

Practical info

Where is Dinosaur National Monument and why is it a great place for stargazing?

Located southeast of the Uinta Mountains in Colorado, Dinosaur National Monument's great attraction is its dark sky that creates a no-light zone perfect for stargazing. Spectacular landscapes, including deep canyons and natural bridges, make it a sought-after destination for those hunting awe-inspiring vistas under a stunning sky, which make it a fantastic location for viewing celestial wonders. It's situated about two hours away from Grand Junction in Colorado. Show more

What is the best time to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve for stargazing?

Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve offers stunning vistas year-round and is an excellent location for stargazing. However, the best time is during less traffic, from mid-fall until early winter. It is also ideal for self-guided night tours in utter darkness. Hiking is more comfortable during a full moon as it makes the trail visible. The park provides an amazing experience of stargazing besides being a fun place to indulge in other activities. Show more

Besides stargazing, what is the UFO Watchtower in Hooper famous for?

Apart from observing star-filled skies, the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, known for many alien sightings, has become a prominent spot for UFO enthusiasts worldwide. You can camp there, purchase souvenirs, and use the watchtower for photographing gorgeous views. The site represents a unique fusion of science fiction and Native American folklore with mysticism, attracting many curious visitors from around the globe. A new exciting adventure awaits those who follow the paranormal path to the UFO Watchtower. Show more

What makes Crestone a popular destination for stargazing?

Crestone is an alluring destination due to its concentration of spiritual centers and buildings, leading to their designation as having the most spiritual buildings per square foot than anywhere else in North America. Furthermore, a unique blend of earth, rock, sky, body, mind, and spirit creates a mystical atmosphere that hosts excellent stargazing opportunities. The destination won't disappoint astrophotographers or simply anyone who wants to get lost gazing at the star-filled sky in awe of its beauty. Show more

What are some of the popular walking and biking trails in La Veta, and how do they complement stargazing experiences?

La Veta is home to several biking and walking routes that provide an almost immersive stargazing experience. The most well-known trails are the Daigre Reservoir Trail, the Hogback Nature Trail, and the La Veta Loop Trail. Stunning wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and the star-filled night sky make the trails perfect for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Travelers cannot miss the opportunity to indulge in stargazing, hiking, birdwatching, or wildlife spotting while taking in the natural beauty of La Veta. Show more

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