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Kenosha Pass Fall Colors in Colorado

Kenosha Pass features amazing aspens that fascinate with their vivid fall colors

Kenosha Pass Fall Colors
Kenosha Pass Fall Colors
Kenosha Pass Fall Colors
Kenosha Pass Fall Colors

The greatest weather for hiking is when the crisp mornings are warmed up by a weakening sun. The leaves change their color, and nature itself calls you to explore the fall foliage. If you happen to be in Colorado in the fall, don’t miss a chance to walk through Kenosha Pass, which offers one of the best fall foliage experiences. By the way, the best time for fall colors in Kenosha Pass is from late September to early October.

Located on Highway 285 between Grant and Jefferson, Kenosha Pass features miles of aspens, attracting tourists from near and far. These white-barked trees are some of the first trees indicating the winter is approaching. In fall, their green leaves turn into wonderful gold and yellow extravaganza.

Kenosha Pass North hiking trail

Kenosha Pass is abundant with parking places. You can simply get out of the car and walk close to aspens. Keep in mind that it’s pretty crowded, though. Every spot in Kenosha Pass is ideal for fall foliage experience; just go there and enjoy the scattered fall colors. But if you are looking for a specific hike, we recommend you pay attention to the Kenosha Pass North. It’s almost a 7-mile (11-km) hike with breathtaking views of mountains and valleys. Moderate and extremely popular, it features an elevation of 1086 feet (331 m) and takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Kenosha Pass for fall foliage experience in Colorado?

Late September to early October is the ideal time to visit Kenosha Pass to witness the breathtaking fall foliage. The aspens turn from green to striking shades of gold and yellow during this period. The temperature during this season is ideal for hiking, with mild days and cool mornings adding to the calming ambiance. Show more

How far is Kenosha Pass North hiking trail from the parking area?

Kenosha Pass North hiking trail is a moderately challenging trek of around 7 miles (11 km) from the parking area. On average, hikers take approximately three hours to reach the summit. Since there are no rest stops for hikers en route, it is crucial to carry adequate water, snacks, and other supplies. Hikers are rewarded with stunning views of serene valleys and scenic mountains at the end of the hike. Show more

What is the altitude of Kenosha Pass North?

The Kenosha Pass North hiking trail, considered a moderate hike, is a 1086-feet (331 m) elevation trail. Although the altitude is relatively low, hikers must carry sufficient water and snacks during the walk, particularly for the uphill climb. Nevertheless, the picturesque surroundings and scenic fall colors are worth the effort required to navigate the trail. Show more

What are the major highlights of Kenosha Pass North hiking trail?

Kenosha Pass North hiking trail offers several awe-inspiring highlights, including striking mountain views, an enchanting fall foliage experience, and a moderately challenging hike covering 7 miles. Hikers can relish the serene ambiance away from the chaos of city life, take their time without time constraints, and immerse themselves in nature's beauty along the way. Show more

Is Kenosha Pass North hiking trail suitable for beginners?

Kenosha Pass North hiking trail is a moderate-level 7-mile hike. Although it can be challenging for those starting, beginners with adequate preparation and caution can attempt the trail. The uphill climb is particularly challenging. However, with some effort and precautions, moderate-level hikers can enjoy the beautiful fall colors and scenic views while trekking the Kenosha Pass North hiking trail. Show more

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