Best time to travel to Oregon

Oregon Fall Colors

From the Pacific Coast to the Cascade Range, there's a lot to see in Oregon every autumn

Best time: late September–early November

Oregon Fall Colors
Oregon Fall Colors
Oregon Fall Colors
Oregon Fall Colors
Mount Hood with fall foliage

Oregon is the third greenest state in the USA, which means that forests never end here. Even though the majority of trees are evergreens, like Douglas fir, the state still looks spectacular in the fall. Red alder, pacific dogwood, and vine maple bring in scarlet notes, bigleaf maple and cascara provide rich yellow, while Oregon white oak adds bronze to the picture. The best time to see fall foliage in Oregon is October. The trees usually start to turn in late September, reaching peak color by mid- to late October. In northeastern Oregon, fall colors can be observed in early and mid-November.

Best places to see fall foliage in Portland

Washington Park is the best place for a leisurely fall stroll in Portland. Due to a huge variety of trees from different regions of the world, the park looks stunning during the change of seasons. Stop by Hoyt Arboretum to see rare tree species or relax in Portland's Japanese Garden while viewing its perfect symmetry and color combinations. Forest Park features more native flora like bigleaf maple, which pops up with bright yellow on the background of evergreens. The park's Maple Trail Loop is a must-see during fall.

Best places to see fall foliage in Oregon

To see more fall colors, you have to head east from Portland and visit the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, located along Interstate 84. The stretch of the road known as Columbia River Highway is the most scenic part. Crown Point Vista House in Corbett offers one of the best panoramic outlooks. And at Multnomah Falls you can take an Instagram-perfect picture of the most recognizable waterfall in the state. For more breathtaking views travel south of Hood River on Mount Hood Scenic Highway. Stop to snap some pictures of Mount Hood and the beautiful valley surrounding the Hood River. Keep driving south to make more amazing pictures of waterfalls surrounded by fall foliage. Silver Falls State Park near Salem is famous for its rich yellow and red palette thanks to vine maple and red alder. The Trail of Ten Falls is perhaps the most beautiful fall hike in the park.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Oregon for fall colors?

Fall foliage in Oregon is at its best between late September and mid-November, with the peak period for fall colors being in mid to late October. You can usually view the trees changing in late September, while the northeastern part of the state experiences its fall colors in early and mid-November. Show more

Where can I find fall colors in Oregon other than Washington Park?

Apart from Washington Park, you can find fall colors at Forest Park in Portland, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area to the east of Portland, and Crown Point Vista House in Corbett. Silver Falls State Park, located close to Salem, is also popular for its autumn colors and is frequently visited by tourists who come to witness the landscape showcasing its rich yellow and red palette. Show more

What types of trees can I expect to see changing colors in Oregon during the fall?

While most of the trees in Oregon are evergreens, you can still view a variety of trees displaying their autumn colors. Red alder, Pacific dogwood, vine maple, bigleaf maple, cascara, and Oregon white oak are some of the trees that provide shades of scarlet, yellow, and bronze to the fall landscape of Oregon. Show more

When can I see the fall colors in northeastern Oregon?

Fall colors can be seen in northeastern Oregon in early and mid-November, while in other parts of the state, trees begin changing hues later in September and reach the peak period for fall colors between mid to late October. Show more

Can I see waterfalls with fall foliage in Oregon? Where?

Oregon's Multnomah Falls is surrounded by foliage in the fall, making it the perfect spot to view the colors. To witness nature's beauty, you can head south of Hood River on Mount Hood Scenic Highway and admire Mount Hood and the lovely valley surrounding the Hood River during its autumn glory. Visitors can also enjoy a scenic hike through Silver Falls State Park's Trail of Ten Falls and enjoy the falls bedecked in autumn colors. Show more

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