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Fall Colors in New Brunswick

Witness the brilliant palette of mother nature throughout New Brunswick

Best time: late September–early October

Fall Colors
Fall Colors
Fall Colors
Fall Colors
Fall Colors
St John River, New Brunswick

Canada is praised for some of the best leaf-peeping experiences in the world, and New Brunswick is great proof. Wherever you go, to the Appalachian Mountains, the Saint John River Valley, the Miramichi region, the Bay of Fundy, or the Acadian coast, you will always find a feast for your eyes. Yet, the right timing is still the key to success.

When to see fall colors in New Brunswick

The fall color season differs depending on the region you choose. The northern mountainous areas and the upper Saint John River are the first to change colors in the second week of September. The peak fall foliage is observed here by the end of the month. In contrast, the lower Saint John River, the south, and coastal areas start transforming at least in mid-September and reach their apex in early October. Thus, the best time to seek fall foliage in New Brunswick is from late September to early October.

Where to see fall colors in New Brunswick

The most honest answer as to where to get a glimpse of the best fall foliage in New Brunswick would be everywhere: across local highlands, forests, farms, and along the rivers. But we've tried to make this decision easier for you and picked our top five locations. Scroll down to find out more.

Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Let's start with higher elevations in the northwest, boasting early fall colors season. Mount Carleton Provincial Park is the prime choice. This park offers dozens of exciting mountain trails beneath colorful canopies. Check out such popular routes as Mount Sagamook Trail or Mount Head Trail, and make sure to see Pine Point and Bathurst Lake encircled with red pine trees.

Miscou Island

If you don't mind going far northeast, you will love to see the dazzling fall on Miscou Island. The small island, 15 miles (24 km) long and 10 miles (16 km) wide, is home to eight peat bogs covering 45% of Miscou. The largest ones stretch across the central part of the island around the historical lighthouse. Go straight ahead to the Peat Bog Boardwalk hiking area and discover its unique landscapes, which resemble an endless sea of scarlet red.


One of the most popular choices among leaf-peepers in New Brunswick is the city of Miramichi, lying at the mouth of the Miramichi River, eastern New Brunswick. The region offers unparalleled fall vistas, especially if you visit the woods at French Fort Cove Park or hike 3.8 miles (6.05 km) of Millbank Nature Trails.

Fredericton and Hanwell

Another picturesque area to discover during the fall color season is located near Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick. Head to Hanwell Rural Community set south of Fredericton. Grab your family and friends and let a picturesque Mountain Road mesmerize you. The drive runs between Mazerolle Settlement Road and NB-3, connecting Mazerolle Settlement and New Market.

Saint John

Lastly, we suggest that you explore fantastic fall colors around Saint John. Consider taking a five-hour fall foliage tour, featuring the city of Saint John, Reversing Falls, and surrounding countryside in fall splendor. You will see the historical village of St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy, discover its mystical caves, and dine in a local restaurant, offering world-famous fish chowder. More information is available on the official website in the External Resources below.

So now that you know New Brunswick's most popular fall destinations, choose your favorite one and book a stay nearby. The map below features available options. Remember to plan ahead in order to enjoy your colorful weekends to the fullest.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit New Brunswick for fall foliage?

New Brunswick's fall foliage is perfect from late September to early October, but the optimal time varies based on the region. The northern mountainous area and upper Saint John river go first, turning colors in the second week of September. The south, coastal areas, and lower Saint John river start changing mid-September, reaching their apex in early October. Show more

Where can I see fall colors in New Brunswick?

There are multiple locations in New Brunswick where you can enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, including Mount Carleton Provincial Park, Fredericton, Hanwell, Saint John, and Miscou Island. Each place provides a unique experience, such as scenic drives on Mountain Road between Mazerolle Settlement Road and NB-3 or impressive scenic peat bogs on Miscou Island. Show more

What trails offer the best fall foliage experience in Mount Carleton Provincial Park?

The southern region of Mount Carleton Provincial Park has dozens of mountain trails with colorful canopies that provide an unforgettable experience. The top trails include Mount Sagamook Trail, Bathurst Lake, and Mount Head Trail among others. A better way to view fall foliage in the park is by visiting the southern Mount Carleton region during the early fall season. Show more

Can I see scarlet red landscapes during fall in New Brunswick?

Yes, Miscou Island offers a unique experience you do not want to miss. You can take the Peat Bog Boardwalk hiking area and discover the island's distinctive landscapes that resemble an endless sea of scarlet red. Also, five-hour long fall foliage tours are available in Saint John and include visits to the Reversing Falls and St. Martins's mystical cave discovery. Show more

Are there any guided tours available for fall foliage in Saint John?

Yes, Saint John offers a five-hour-long guided tour of the countryside's fall splendor, including a visit to Reversing Falls and St. Martins historical village. You can also relish the world-famous fish chowder in local restaurants. Visit their official tourism website for detailed information on the tours. Show more

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