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Atlantic Balloon Fiesta 2023

Visit Canada's most colorful festival in Sussex, New Brunswick

Atlantic Balloon Fiesta
Atlantic Balloon Fiesta

The Atlantic Balloon Fiesta is Canada's most vibrant celebration, which takes place annually across the town of Sussex in Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada. The festivities run in early September over a weekend following Labor Day. The event's main highlight is ballooning, as the name suggests. About 30 hot air balloons take-off twice a day if the weather is appropriate. Besides, the program features an outdoor bandstand, a vast indoor market, dozens of vendors, and some of your all-time favorite amusement rides. Will all this in mind, you definitely won't get bored here. Find a detailed schedule on the official website (see External Resources below).

While visiting the Sussex hot air balloon festival, abide by certain policies. Namely, you are not allowed to bring dogs to the grounds of the Fiesta or leave your pets in vehicles. The reason is the celebrations are boisterous and might be stressful for our four-legged friends. Still, you can spot some service animals around. Also, note that drones are not allowed at the festival due to closed airspace during the Fiesta.

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