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Twente Ballooning 2022

One of the most popular ballooning events in the Netherlands


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Twente Ballooning is a famous four-day international balloon festival held at recreation park Het Hulsbeek in Oldenzaal, Netherlands. Up to 35 hot air balloons are released in the air around 4 pm. The festival is always held in the last full week of August, from Wednesday to Saturday.

Twente Ballooning dates back to 1985 when it debuted as Balloonfiesta Brecklenkamp. The first edition gathered about ten hot air balloons and several hundred visitors. However, the crowds grew larger with every new year. The festival changed its name to Twente Ballooning in 2016.

The night glow and take off is held after dusk. Thursday and Friday is one of the main attractions of the festival. There is also live music and performances. Hot air balloons are lined along the waterfront and glow to the rhythm of the music. The fireworks show is another great addition to the ascent. Besides balloon and helicopter rides, there are activities for children, the crafts and food fair. Wednesday night also ends with a fireworks display, and Saturday afternoon features a show with old-timers.

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