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Ballontage Krems Langenlois Hot-Air Balloon Festival 2024

You don't want to miss this hot-air balloon festival

Dates: August 15-18, 2024

Ballontage Krems is an annual hot-air balloon festival in Krems an der Donau, Austria. Every year, the festival gathers thousands of people from Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, and of course, Austria to celebrate the beauty of these giant air toys. You’ll have an opportunity to join the event both as a visitor and an active participant. But whether you take a ride on one of the balloons or let your own balloon up in the sky, the experience will surely be one to remember.

The event is held at the Krems Langenlois airfield, and there are many awesome housing options in the area. Just remember to book your accommodation in advance and stay tuned to the official website for any possible updates and registration details.

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