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Tobogganing in Austria 2024-2025

Get some winter fun at the world's longest toboggan run

Best time: December–March


If you like sledding you must visit the Wildkogel Arena in Neukirchen Bramberg. It boasts the longest toboggan run in the world at 14 kilometers dropping 1300 meter from Wildkogel to Bramberg. You can ride for as long as 30 or 50 minutes, depending on your speed. Wildkogel is also the world's longest illuminated run as it is open till 9:30 p.m every day. Night tobogganing is also available at other locations. The most powerful floodlight system in Europe illuminates the toboggan run on the Hirschenkogel at Semmering.

One more great place for tobogganing is the picturesque village of Pettneu. It has a 2-kilometre-long illuminated natural toboggan run. At the St. Anton ski resort you'll also be able to try out the natural 4 km long toboggan run. The cable car runs from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tobogganing in Gastein is no less adventurous. Here you can use wooden toboggans, which require special knowledge to control well during the run. So choose the best destination for tobogganing and enjoy your winter holidays in the Alps.

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When is the best time to visit Austria for tobogganing?

Austria is best to be visited from December to March for delightful tobogganing. The period has a surplus of snow, ensuring a perfect condition for tobogganing. The toboggan runs are usually open from early December until late March. Additionally, the resorts often offer night tobogganing that provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Show more

Where can I find the world's longest illuminated toboggan run in Austria?

The world's longest illuminated toboggan run is accessible at Wildkogel Arena located in Neukirchen Bramberg town in Austria. It is a 14-kilometer-long run from Wildkogel to Bramberg, that descents 1,300 meters. The entire run is lit and open till 9:30 p.m. daily, providing magnificent views. Semmering Hirschenkogel is another resort known for their high-quality toboggan runs. Show more

What is the length of the natural toboggan run in the St. Anton ski resort?

The length of the natural toboggan run at St. Anton ski resort in Austria is about 4 kilometers. The toboggan run runs parallel to slopes that offers exceptional mountain panoramas. It initiates at the top of Rendlbahn cable car and traverses to its base. Tobogganing during night hours is also possible in winters, adding a new dimension of excitement to the entire experience. Show more

Are wooden toboggans provided for tobogganing in Gastein?

Usually, Gastein resorts do not provide wooden toboggans and require a special skill to control them. Plastic toboggans can frequently be rented for a minimal fee, or one can bring their own. The Gastein toboggan run provides a stunningly scenic view of the mountains and is adventurous. It offers an adrenaline rush to the tobogganers, even in the night hours during winters. Show more

Where else besides Wildkogel Arena can I enjoy night tobogganing in Austria?

Apart from Wildkogel Arena, Austria, has various locations to cater to night tobogganing enthusiasts. Semmering, Pettneu, and Gastein are some of the other options. The Semmering Hirschenkogel offers the most powerful floodlight system in Europe to illuminate their toboggan run. Pettneu hosts a 2-kilometer natural toboggan run primed for night tobogganing. Gastein also allows tobogganing at night, but it requires higher levels of proficiency due to the run's steeper slopes and the usage of wooden toboggans. Show more

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