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Motorsports in Cyprus

Saddle your buggy or quad for an extreme safari ride

Best time: March–October


Cyprus is more than perfect for motorsport activities—so if you are not going to rent a car to travel around, you should definitely think of renting a quad or a buggy for at least one day of fun.

Almost all year round is good for motorsports in Cyprus, but still consider that November-February is the rainy period. You can encounter rental services throughout the whole country, but Paphos is one of the most recommended. If you choose an off-road safari there, you can visit Adonis Baths, Coral Bay, and enjoy miles of coastline and highland views.

Practical info

When is the best time to enjoy motorsports in Cyprus?

Motor sports in Cyprus are recommended from March to October, as the weather conditions are ideal for quad or buggy riding. Since November to February is the island's rainy season, it is better to avoid these months if you want to enjoy motor sports in Cyprus. Mild temperatures all year round provide pleasant weather for tourists who want to enjoy fun activities in Cyprus. Show more

Is it easy to rent a quad or a buggy in Cyprus, and where is the best place to do it?

Quad and buggy rentals are readily available throughout Cyprus, with most rental services found in Paphos. When visiting Paphos, tourists can take part in recommended quad or buggy safaris that make stops at various sites such as Coral Bay and Adonis Baths. Several rental agencies are located in other cities like Nicosia and Limassol, and liaising with them online is advised to obtain the most exemplary rental services in Cyprus. Show more

What areas are best for off-road safaris in Paphos, Cyprus?

Paphos offers various recommended locations for individuals who want to take part in off-road safaris. Some places known for their magnificent views include Coral Bay, which provides sweeping views of the coastline, and Adonis Baths, where tourists can admire waterfalls and swim in crystal clear pools. Droushia and Ineia towns offer an escape to hilly and mountainous regions, where traditional villages with grape fields offer a traditional experience for adventurous tourists in Paphos. Show more

How much does renting a quad or a buggy cost in Cyprus, and where is the best place to find affordable rental services?

The cost of renting a quad or a buggy in Cyprus varies depending on the season and location. Generally, renting a quad or a buggy starts at €30 - €50 per day, although tourists are advised to research and compare prices to find the most appropriate rental services. Several rental agencies located in Paphos, Nicosia, and Limassol also offer discounts for long-term rentals or group bookings. Additional costs, such as fuel, insurance, and damage protection, may also apply. Show more

What other outdoor activities are available in Cyprus besides motorsports, and what sights are worth seeing?

In addition to motorsports, tourists visiting Cyprus have various outdoor activities to choose from, including hiking, cycling, diving, and swimming. Surrounded by clear waters, the island also makes water sports such as surfing, kayaking, and wakeboarding possible. Ancient Roman ruins, museums and churches offer an insight into Cyprus' rich culture, while wine-tasting tours and traditional cooking lessons are also popular activities in local Cypriot communities. Show more

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