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Skiing the Troodos Mountains

Cyprus is not only about activities under the sun, as it also hides snowy hills right in the center of the island


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For many tourists, Cyprus is a country of sunbathing and swimming in beautiful lagoons, but it is also a great destination if you want to take a walk or ride a bike among snowy hills.

Surprisingly, Troodos Massif which is located in the centre of the island and its highest peaks are covered with snow for several months. The highest peak of the Troodos range is Mount Olympus. It hosts four ski slopes and several natural hiking and biking trails.

If you are confident in your strength, it is worth trying the Artemis or Atalante trails. They are 7 and 12 km in length respectively, but the average shift of the height makes this trek fairly difficult. Both of these trails are circular routes underneath Mount Olympus and they both provide you with fresh pine-scented air, lonely monasteries, and villages.

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