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Surfing in Cyprus

Catch the wind and ride a Mediterranean wave

Best time: March | November

No matter your level of proficiency in surfing, visiting Cyprus will inspire you to accept the challenge from the sea and stand up on a surfboard.

Cyprus weather is suitable for surfing almost throughout the whole year, but if you want to be sure that winds are blowing the right way, schedule the trip for autumn or spring, namely March and November. This is when the West and North coasts of the island receive excellent exposure to all Mediterranean swells.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are also quite popular thanks to a strong southwest wind. If you are a beginner, it's better to try it in the summer when the wind is more steady. However, in the summer you are not allowed to kitesurf in public beaches, only in special areas. The wind during the colder months is more sporadic, varying from 17knts up to 23knts. But the beaches are deserted, prices are much lower and the sea is still warm so many kitesurfers and windsurfers prefer the colder season.

Depending on your experience, there are several spots you can choose from. Beginners are recommended to learn surfing near the gentle Venus Beach, where waves are usually measured between one and two meters. For intermediate surfers Helios Beach would be the most suitable with its 50 to 300 meter long waves. In case you are more than confident in your abilities, then head towards the West coast to Cripplers Beach. You will get there your dose of adrenaline.

Practical info

When is the best time to hit the waves in Cyprus?

Surfing in Cyprus is possible all-year-round, but the best time to indulge in this sport is typically between March and November. During these months, the perfect exposure of West and North coasts of the island to the Mediterranean swells allows surfers to catch impressive waves effortlessly. Not to mention, there is always good wind condition to make the experience smoother and help surfers find their balance and direction correctly. Show more

Which are the best surfing spots in Cyprus for people just starting out?

For those who are just starting to dive into the world of surfing, Venus Beach in Cyprus is considered the ideal spot. The waves at Venus Beach are mild and usually range between one to two meters, making it perfect for novice surfers. Besides, Pissouri Bay's beach and Ladies Mile Beach offer excellent options for newbies looking to learn how to surf in a secure environment with calm conditions and easy-to-ride waves. Show more

Apart from surfing, what are some other popular water sports that people enjoy in Cyprus?

Apart from surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing are two other popular activities for water sports enthusiasts in Cyprus. Summers are hot and stable, bringing strong Southwest winds, which create ideal conditions for such sports. Those who want a more relaxed time can go for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding or jet skiing. As well, scuba diving is growing in demand in Cyprus as it allows for exploring mesmerizing marine life in clear waters. Show more

Can people kitesurf on public beaches during summer in Cyprus?

During summers, people cannot kitesurf in public beaches in Cyprus. To ensure the safety of sunbathers and swimmers, kiteboarding is allowed only in the designated areas. Such a constraint allows for better control of the safety measures and avert any unwanted incidents. Though restrictions become more intense during peak season, they gradually ease up as the beach crowd thins down during the off-seasons. Show more

How are the wind conditions in Cyprus during the colder months?

The wind conditions in Cyprus during the colder months, from November to March, change in strength typically from 17 knots to 23 knots. While it may not be as consistent, colder months offer a tranquil and non-overwhelming experience with lesser crowds, reliable wind conditions, and cheaper prices. Intermediate and advanced surfers looking for a challenge will find colder months a perfect time to explore the sport as the wilder the waves, the better opportunity to level up their surfing skills. Show more

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