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Urban Surfing in Munich 2024

The birthplace of urban surfing attracts some of the best riders from all over the world. Try out your own skills or just relax and enjoy watching others

Best time: May–September

Urban Surfing in Munich
Urban Surfing in Munich
Urban Surfing in Munich

Surfing in a city park may sound like a joke, but it most certainly is not! You can really try out your favourite water sport in Munich's Englischer Garten. Once surfing here was banned by law, but in 2010 it became legal. Nevertheless, throughout all these years it has been drawing hundreds of surfers a day to try out their skills on a steady wave on the River Eisbach. Nowadays it is the most famous urban surfing spot in the world, and actually its birthplace. However, it is definitely not for beginners. The wave is steady and moves at a rate of 20 tonnes per second. The moment you stand on board is the moment you hit the wave. The water here is around 15 °C and never gets warmer. Thus, you'll need a special wetsuit to feel more comfortable. As the river is only 12 metres wide, there can be only one rider at a time.

Crowds of advanced surfers and real thrill seekers come here and wait in a queue to ride the 1-meter wave and show their best. This activity also draws thousands of spectators no matter day or night. The growing popularity of urban surfing in Munich turned into an annual Stationary Wave Riding Championship. Every year it is held at Munich's airport in late July or the beginning of August. It also means that the artificial wave here is open to everyone from the 30th of July till the 24th of August. If you want to skip the crowds, you can also go to the south and try the wave at Floßlände but here you can only surf during the warm period from May till September.

Practical info

When is the best time to try urban surfing in Munich?

To surf the Eisbach river wave in Munich, the best time to visit is from May to September, which is when the weather is warmer and the water temperature is more comfortable. During these months, all surfers are welcome to the wave, though you should expect large crowds of both surfers and spectators to gather there, especially on weekends. Show more

Where can I find the urban surfing spot in Munich?

The urban surfing location in Munich is situated in Englischer Garten park. Walk towards the southern part of the park to find the wave, near Haus der Kunst museum. You could also reach it through public transportation by taking the U3 or U6 line to either the Universität or Altstadt-Lehel station, both of which are near the wave. Show more

What is the minimum skill level required to surf the Eisbach river wave?

If you wish to surf the Eisbach river wave, you should possess advanced surfing skills as it requires you to handle a difficult wave with limited space. Due to its speed and power, the wave is unsuitable for beginners. Experienced surfers should also exercise caution when trying the wave, learning from observing other surfers present and gathering tips from them. Show more

Can beginners try urban surfing in Munich?

Urban surfing in Munich is unsafe and challenging, particularly Eisbach river wave, and hence not advisable for beginners. However, for beginners desiring to learn surfing, Munich provides alternative locations such as Floßlände. It is best to take lessons or hire an experienced instructor to ensure your safety while learning and encourage steady progress. Show more

When is the Stationary Wave Riding Championship held in Munich and how can I participate?

The Stationary Wave Riding Championship is held annually at Munich's airport from the end of July till early August. The competition is open to all riders desiring to showcase their skills on the wave, but one must register and pay a registration fee to participate. Participate by registering through the official website or their social media channels. Please note that the competition attracts some of the world's best riders and contestants can expect a tough competition. Show more

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