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Check out world's tallest freestanding body slide


The Insano water slide towering over neighbouring buildings is as high as a 14-storey building. Are you brave enough to slide from 41 metres with the speed of 105 km per hour? The trip will take you just about 5 seconds.

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Insano attracts brave riders and daredevils from all over the world since its construction in 1989. In 1999, Insano was beaten out by the 58-m Kilimanjaro in Rio de Janeiro. But, Insano is still the tallest freestanding body slide and is certainly worth riding.

Insano is the biggest attraction of Brazil’s giant water park, Beach Park, located in Aquiraz. Beach Park is recognised as the largest aquatic park in South America and one of the largest in the world. It is visited by a million people every year. In addition to the extreme Insano body slide, it has plenty of other rides, pools, saunas, nature walks—everything for adrenaline-lovers and fan seeking tourists.

The Beach Park is open year-round with different closing dates in every month. The park hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can check the opening hours on the official website.

Practical info

Where can you find the Insano water slide?

In the northeastern state of Ceará lies Aquiraz, a city where the Insano water slide is located. It holds the record for being the tallest freestanding body slide in the world with a height of 41 meters and a speed of 105 km/h. The slide is found at the Beach Park, one of the largest water parks globally, attracting over a million visitors annually. Show more

What makes the Insano water slide unique?

At 41 meters tall, the Insano water slide offers a once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush to anyone who dares to take the challenge. The slide, located in Aquiraz, Brazil at the Beach Park, is recognized as the world's tallest freestanding body slide, offering riders a thrilling ride that lasts five seconds. The slide's speedometer records a maximum speed of 105 kilometers per hour, making it worthy of its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Show more

When was the Insano water slide built?

Constructed in 1989, the Insano water slide is a prominent attraction in the northeastern state of Ceará in Brazil. Tourists flock to the Beach Park in Aquiraz to ride the slide and tick it off their bucket list. The slide's status as the world's tallest freestanding body slide lasted a decade until Rio de Janeiro built the taller Kilimanjaro slide in 1999. Show more

What else does the Beach Park offer besides the Insano water slide?

The Beach Park in Aquiraz, Brazil, is home to various rides, attractions, and amenities, plus the world-famous Insano water slide. The water park offers wave pools, artificial rivers, saunas, and swim-up bars in addition to dining facilities, shops, and cabins. Visitors have the option to take a scenic nature walk or hit the beach. Families and tourists looking for a complete destination have options aplenty at the Beach Park. Show more

When is the Beach Park busiest?

Although open year-round, Beach Park experiences peak tourist season during Brazil's summers, from December to March.The park sees the highest numbers of visitors during these months, but it can get busy. Tourists looking to avoid crowds and save money can schedule their visit between May and November, as these months are generally less busy. Regardless of the season, Beach Park offers fun and thrills for everyone who visits. Show more

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