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Best time to go to Brazil

New Year's Eve 2022-2023

Soak up the sun on one of Brazil's finest beaches this New Year's Eve


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When you think about spending New Year's Eve in Brazil, sunny beaches are probably the first thing that comes to mind. And you're right about that—the country is a perfect place to escape the cold winter holidays. So check out what spots Brazil has in store for you this New Year.


Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly the top destination for an exotic Brazilian NYE celebration, but don't limit yourself to sightseeing excursions and themed carnivals. For example, Copacabana beach is Brazil's number one spot to count down this year's last seconds. Join millions of people annually visiting the area in a one-of-a-kind festive journey. You can anticipate a non-stop 15-minute firework show, decent live music, champagne parties, energetic songs and dances, and, you know, the beachy vibe.


The week before the New Year, this usually quiet town turns into a festival mecca. Visitors from all around the globe fly over to Trancoso in late December, and for a good reason—the place's laid-back coastal atmosphere, ocean breeze, warm fresh air, and excellent music make it a wonderful NYE celebration spot. Meet new friends from distant countries, enjoy your favorite cocktails in a hammock, or just chill on a beach—whatever your choice is, people won't judge you.


The natives also call it "Floripa." Located on an island, this city is one of the most popular spots for welcoming the new year. Nearly the size of New York City, Floripa offers a wide selection of gorgeous beaches (42 to be exact) for any taste. You can party all night, savor your favorite drinks and music, and then watch the first sunrise of the year. For the best impressions, be sure to visit Jurerê beach.

Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro invites visitors to dance the night away at one of its famous festivals—the annual Axé Moi. But this isn't it when it comes to partying in Brazil's second-biggest (after Copacabana) NYE celebration hub. Be it rooftop bar receptions, firework shows, or endless dancing sessions, Porto Seguro offers excellent activities for any taste. Just go to the coast side or stroll around Passarela do Álcool, getting lost in a myriad of stores, restaurants, and free NYE celebrations. There is nothing like spending a New Year's Eve in Porto Seguro.

Fernando de Noronha

When most Brazilian cities go wild on New Year's Eve, Fernando de Noronha archipelago calms down. The main (Fernando de Noronha) island and its adjacent islands create a paradisal place for celebrating the New Year. Turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and absolute tranquility will reinvigorate your spirit to enter the upcoming year fully refreshed. There are tours to Fernando de Noronha from major Brazilian cities, but you can also get there on your own. The archipelago is also a favorite spot among Brazilian celebrities, so don't be surprised if you run into one of them.

Quick tip: Brazil is pretty busy this time of year, so we suggest booking a stay in advance. Explore accommodation options on the map and get acquainted with the external sources below for any additional information.