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New Year Bears 2019-2020

Crowds of bears dance, growl, roll, die, and then resurrect in the snowy Romanian streets

New Year Bears in Romania 2020 - Best Time
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© Dacian Groza

On New Year's eve, the snowy streets of Romania see an incredible spectacle: hundreds of people dressed into bear skins dance and growl to the sounds of drummers and panpipes warding off all the evil spirits. A scary babushka goes ahead during the mystic procession carrying a bear cub the entire way.

New Year Bears in Romania - Best Season 2020

The bears' dancing culminates with their symbolic death and resurrection. Regeneration rites symbolise​ that spring is to come soon. The so-called Ursu festivals take place all across the country.

Best time for New Year Bears in Romania 2020
Best time to see New Year Bears in Romania 2020