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Salina Turda Underground Amusement Park in Romania 2023-2025

Romania's special amusement park outdoes Disneyland with its underground lake, stalagmites, and salt deposits

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Salina Turda Underground Amusement Park
Salina Turda Underground Amusement Park
Salina Turda Underground Amusement Park
Salina Turda Underground Amusement Park

Romania has nearly 12,000 salt mines, and only a few are open to tourists. The most amusing of them is the 2000-year old Salina Turda, as it contains an amusement park over a hundred meters underground. A myriad of entertainment is available here throughout the year including paddle boating on the subterranean lake, spa sessions, ping-pong, mini-golf, and bowling with views of stunning underground stalagmites. Salina Turda was closed for​ the public until 1992 when the amusement park was built.

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What are some of the exceptional features of the underground amusement park at Salina Turda?

Salina Turda possesses distinct characteristics that set it apart from other amusement parks. It consists of a salt mine that is 2000 years old and features underground vaults with an exhibition of old mining devices and machinery, alongside an amphitheater. The subterranean lake available for paddle boating presents a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy the park. The amusement park is created 100 meters underground, and the structure is further adorned with impressive stalagmites. Show more

When was the public first allowed to visit Salina Turda?

Only in 1992, following its transformation into an amusement park, was Salina Turda opened to the public. Originally one of Romania's well-known salt mines, the development became a tourist attraction that presented visitors with a range of experiences to broaden the park's appeal. It has now become one of Romania's most popular tourist sites, attracting thousands of visitors annually who seek to encounter its unusual environment. Show more

In which part of Romania is Salina Turda located?

Salina Turda is located in Turda, in the Transylvania region of Romania. This underground amusement park is among the top tourist destinations in the area and is effortless to access. Tourists can reach Turda from major cities via train or bus or travel by private car. Cluj-Napoca International Airport, situated around 33 kilometers away, is the nearest airport to the park. Show more

Is the historical aspect of the salt mine still preserved and present for guests to experience?

Yes. Visitors to Salina Turda can experience the historical aspect of the salt mine. The mining tunnels and shafts remain intact to provide an authentic view of the mine's functioning. The mine features a museum display of old mining machinery, including a hydraulic wall, diesel locomotive, and electric winch used for transporting salt blocks. Furthermore, the park's guides offer information on the mine's history during a tour of the area. Show more

What other than amusement rides can visitors participate in at the park?

Apart from amusement park rides, Salina Turda visitors can indulge in spa sessions on the underground deck, play table tennis or mini-golf. There are areas allocated on the park's premises for visitors to play petanque, a French game similar to bocce ball. The salt mine tour is a beneficial opportunity for visitors who want to learn more about its history. Alternatively, guests may attend musical performances or classical shows at the underground auditorium. Show more

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