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Auer Dult 2024 in Munich

Enjoy shopping at the traditional Auer Dult with its merry-go-round and ferris wheel

Dates: April 27–May 5, 2024

Auer Dult

A traditional market and fair, Auer Dult, has been taking place in Munich three times a year since 1310. It is usually held at Mariahilf Square in the Au part of the city.

The first fair, Maidult, takes place in the first week of May. The second, Jakobidult, is held in July or early August. The last one, Kirchweihdult, occurs in autumn.

Each of these events lasts for nine days, and together, they draw up to 300,000 visitors annually. The total territory of the fairground is about 215,278 sq. feet (20,000 sq. m), divided into three parts—the market, the fairground, and the beer gardens.


The fair brings lots of joy to children. They can take a ride on the merry-go-round and enjoy horseback riding, bumper cars, the puppet show, acrobats, and clowns. Many delicious meal options include traditional Bavarian festival foods like fish-on-a-stick, sausages, and chicken. And, of course, plenty of beer to wash it down!

The Market

The market itself is known as the biggest market of crockery in Europe. Here you can find everything your heart can desire, from pots and ceramic wares to clothes, leather, and antique books and rustic furniture. Both young and old will enjoy the traditional fair ground with lots of attractions. And there is nothing better than enjoying tasty Bavarian meals and traditional beer after a long day of shopping. This is the best place for some good shopping, a nice walk, or some simple fun.

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