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Munich Carnival or Fasching 2023

Wild celebrations, colourful costumes, parades, and performances create an unforgettable atmosphere all around the city. Join the locals in this amazing Fasching celebration!

Munich Carnival or Fasching
Munich Carnival or Fasching

The Munich Carnival lasts for only three days, but it is packed with fascinating events and fun, loud parties. Check out the masquerade balls, costume parties and colourful parades that take place during these days. This 'crazy season' starts on the 7th of January and runs through Shrove Tuesday. Every year local people elect a Prince and a Princess of Narshala, the kingdom of fools, which exists only during Fasching. The date of their crowning is the 11th of November at 11:11 am.

The most interesting and craziest celebrations are held on the last days of the Carnival. The most famous event during Munich's Carnival is the legendary Dance of the Market Women. The official opening of this event is performed by the Prince and Princess of Narshala. This is one attraction not to be missed! It is held on Shrove Tuesday at 11 am at the Viktualienmarkt and with every new year it attracts more and more crowds of spectators. Join the festivities and enjoy the Carnival atmosphere in the city. All these unforgettable and colourful celebrations will bring a new meaning to the word 'party.'

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