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Pensacola Mardi Gras 2024

A vibrant celebration with over 150 years of history

Dates: February 9–10, 2024

Pensacola Mardi Gras
Pensacola Mardi Gras

Due to its French roots, Pensacola, Florida, hosts one of the oldest and largest Mardi Gras celebrations in the United States. Several colorful parades, lots of live music, laughter, and jokes, await visitors during the celebration. Extravagant parades, with plenty of decorated floats, are presented by Penascole krewes, so prepare your beads and doubloons! The festivities also include special dinners, chili cook-offs, balls, and charity events, which last from January 6 until Ash Wednesday.

Pensacola Mardi Gras has been celebrated since 1874, which makes it one of the oldest in the United States. Food is one of the main attributes of the holiday. In addition to gumbo, King Cakes, Pensacola residents have a weakness for the Moonpie, a marshmallow pie dipped in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry icing. The main characters of the carnival are a king, queen, and royal court. Being one of the biggest celebrations on the Gulf of Mexico Coast, Pensacola Mardi Gras is attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

Krewe of Lafitte Mardi Gras Parade (February 9, 2024)

The best events of Pensacola Mardi Gras include the Annual Krewe of Lafitte Mardi Gras Parade in downtown Pensacola that begins on Spring & Garden Streets. Starting at 7:30 pm. This is the only illuminated nighttime parade in the city. Beautiful lighted floats, marching bands, and music will definitely keep you entertained!

Grand Mardi Gras Parade (February 10, 2024)

Pensacola Grand Mardi Gras Parade is the main event in the city. A family-friendly celebration begins at Spring & Garden Streets, featuring about 250 floats, marching bands, and dance teams, —altogether about 6,000 people. This amazing show runs from 2 to 6 pm, attracting 100,000 spectators. The parade ends with street parties on the boardwalk with music and dancing.

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