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Puerto de la Cruz Carnival 2024

Incredible festivities and celebrations await you in Puerto de la Cruz

Dates: February 1–25, 2024

Puerto de la Cruz Carnival
Puerto de la Cruz Carnival
Puerto de la Cruz Carnival
Puerto de la Cruz Carnival

Puerto de la Cruz Carnival (February 1–25, 2024)

Being very similar to the Santa Cruz Carnival, Carnival of Puerto de la Cruz is also very famous and highly attended. El Mataculebra is a unique ceremony during the Puerto Carnival. The recently revived tradition of "killing the snake" dates back to the 19th century. It represents the struggle against slavery. Participants are dressed as plantation workers, and there is another one who is a "boss." A "snake," which represents the evil, is killed with whips.

All the parties include live bands and DJ performances with tonnes​ of cerveza (beer) stalls and food kiosks all around. On the last day of Carnival, Puerto de la Cruz holds the closing parad​e, which ends with a final street party.

Summer Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz (August–September 2024, unconfirmed)

Besides the traditional winter carnival, the city hosts summer edition in September. It's particularly famous due to its unique and extraordinary competitions and celebrations. One of the most exciting and spectacular is the Men's High Heel Race. There is a rule that the height of heels must be at least seven inches. In addition to high heels, men have to wear the most extravagant costumes they can prepare. The contest is held in the Plaza del Charco. The route of the race is littered with obstacles such as old tires, stepladders, elevated platforms, and see-saws. This Marathon isn't about the fast finish, but rather the costumes and making a fun spectacle for the crowd.

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