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Fiestas del Charco 2022

Enjoy unforgettable emotions of this day full of fun. This fiesta of joy is one must visit during your Canary vacations


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If you plan to visit the Canary Islands in September, don’t lose the chance to take part in an odd, but very fun fiesta. Every year on the 11th of September, El Charco de La Aldea organizes a festival which gathers hundreds of people around the Pond of Aldea. More and more people come here to become a part of this event. They all gather around the pond and wait for the rocket to be lit. At 5 p.m. the rocket is set off and with the sound of its explosion, everything starts. Everybody runs into the pond and tries to catch the mullet. The pond appears to be boiling with all the commotion. The number of people is so high that the fish jump out of the water because they don't have space to swim. The view of this is spectacular. Some people catch the fish and keep it; some catch the mullet kiss it for lu​ck and let it go. But when the last mullet is caught, the fires are lit on the beach to fry the fish. The real party goes on all night. ​

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