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Els Enfarinats 2024

Every year the town of Ibi is seized by frantic soldiers who reestablish new justice with flour bombs, eggs, and firecrackers

Dates: December 28

Els Enfarinats
Els Enfarinats
Els Enfarinats

Eggs-and-flour disaster turns the streets of the Spanish town into a total mess. Even though these are mock warriors, and mock battle, flying eggs, and flour are not harmless. Moreover, firecrackers bang on every corner.

This weird tradition is already over two centuries old and occurs annually on the Day of Innocent, that is December 28th, referring to the Biblical event of King's Herod's warriors invading Bethlehem for all newborns' execution. Don't worry, these warriors won't break into your homes to take away your babies. They would simply elect a "new Mayor" and establish "new justice" in the town by means of flour and eggs.

Warriors name themselves Els Enfarinats, what literally may be interpreted as "the floured". If you also feel like getting floured, take your masks and helmets, a few cartons of eggs, and join the revelry.

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