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Beach Season

mid-May–mid-October • activity

Barcelona's best beaches are just a few kilometers away from the city centre

Festa Major de Gràcia

August 15–August 21 • event

Catalan style street party is an unsurpassable fun experience

Rebajas or Sales

early January–February, July–August • event

Look for a bargain at one of Europe's best fashion destinations

"Gossos d'Atura" (Sheep Dog) Competitions

late August–early October • event

An unusual show of traditional shepperd dogs from all over Spain

FC Barcelona and Camp Nou

August–May • activity

The most exciting matches of the Champions League in the biggest football stadium in Europe

Sala Montjuic

July–August • activity

A romantic night with jazz and movies under the stars

El Bot Salvavides

June–September • activity

A coastal town of Calafell not far from Barcelona is home to an interesting phenomenon – unsinkable lifeboat

Yachting Season​

May–October • activity

Barcelona is one of Europe's top sailing destinations


May–August • food

It's impossible to imagine a holiday without grilled sardines


Tarragona Human Towers Competition

not in rangeOctober 07–08, 2017 (TBC) • event

A spectacular competition of building human towers - something to be seen only in Catalonia

La Merce

not in rangeSeptember 24 • event

A signature Barcelona street festival not to be missed

Carnaval de Barcelona

not in rangeFebruary 08–14, 2018 • event

Catalan answer to the carnival season is more than fun. It's spectacular!

Sonar Festival

not in range • event

Legendary electronic music festival, one of the best in the world

L'ou сom Balla or Dancing Egg

not in rangeMay 31, 2018 • event

A peculiar tradition dating back to the 16th century

Castellers or Human Towers

not in rangeFebruary–July | September–November • activity

An amazing tradition of constructing human towers

Fiesta de Santa Eulalia

not in rangeAround February 12 • event

A traditional Catalan street party with giants, dragons​, lions and eagles taking part

El Caganer

not in rangeDecember • activity

An unusual Catalan tradition - a defecating man in a nativity scene


not in rangeDecember–April • food

Fried onions turned into a culinary masterpiece

Formula 1 Gran Premio De España

not in rangeMay 11–13, 2018 • activity

A spectacular Formula One race, one of the oldest in the world

Diada Nacional de Catalunya

not in rangeSeptember 11 • event

A very important day for the Catalans

La Dansa de la Mort de Verges

not in rangeMarch 24, 2016 • event

An ancient and unique Dance of the Death

Tió de Nadal

not in rangeDecember 08–25 • activity

An interesting Catalan Christmas tradition - to take care of a log

Montjuic de Nit

not in rangeJuly 2017 (TBA) • event

A great offbeat cultural festival in a beautiful location

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

not in rangeOctober–April • activity

Incredible mix of water, light and music making a great performance​

Castanyes i Moniatos

not in rangeOctober–November • food

Sweet potato and chestnuts are perfect autumn comfort foods


not in rangeSeptember 11–September 24 • activity

A traditional Catalan group dance that could be performed by all people of all ages

Ball de Bastons

not in rangeJune 22 | September 24 | April 23 | September 11 • event

An ancient Catalan tradition – stick dancing

Three Kings Day

not in rangeJanuary 05–January 06 • event

Epiphany is a great holiday in Barcelona celebrated by La Cabalgata de Reyes Magos

Roscón de Reyes or Kings Cake

not in rangeJanuary 05–January 06 • food

A traditional round Epiphany cake

Sant Joan's Coca

not in rangelate June • food

A delicious sweet treat available only during the holiday

Mona de Pascua

not in rangeMarch 31, 2018 • food

Delicious Easter cakes that are given by godparents to their godchildren

Grec Festival

not in rangemid-June – early August (TBA) • activity

Some of the world's best theatrical performances in an ancient Greek amphitheatre under the night sky


not in rangeOctober 31–November 01 • food

Delicious sweet pastry served on All Saints Day


not in rangeFebruary 13, 2018 • food

Grilled sausages are an important food in Catalonia

Dia de Sant Jordi

not in rangeApril 23 • event

A colorful holiday during the flower bloom season

Sopa de Galets

not in rangeDecember • food

A wonderful winter comfort food

Barcelona Marathon

not in rangeMarch 11, 2018 • activity

A challenging race through the streets of the most beautiful parts of Barcelona


not in rangeJanuary 17 • food

An interesting regional farmers' food


not in rangeNovember 01 • event

A family-oriented holiday in commemoration of dead relatives and to celebrate the harvest