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Best time of year to visit Barcelona

May to June and September are deemed to be the best time to visit Barcelona. Balmy weather and slightly fewer tourists make early summer a pleasant time to be in Barcelona. Airfares and temperatures are at their highest from July to August, and it's almost impossible to find good deals. The season is heated up with Sala Montjuic movie screenings and grand sales. You can enjoy swimming in the sea until late September and celebrate La Merce with the locals. October and November see more rains, and that's when Catalan comfort foods like Castanyes i Moniatos are there for you. Christmas and New Year's get more crowded, but Tio de Nadal will keep your mood up! Time from January to April can be labelled 'bargain months' in Barcelona, just don't forget to take a coat with you.


Castellers or Human Towers

February–July | September–November • activity

An amazing tradition of constructing human towers

Beach Season

mid-May–mid-October • activity

Barcelona's best beaches are just a few kilometers away from the city centre

Rebajas or Sales

early January–February, July–August • event

Look for a bargain at one of Europe's best fashion destinations

Sala Montjuic

July–August • activity

A romantic night with jazz and movies under the stars

Spanish Ham (Jamón) with Melon

May–September • food

A simple but beautiful and healthy summer snack

Grec Festival

June 30–July 31, 2018 • activity

Some of the world's best theatrical performances in an ancient Greek amphitheatre under the night sky

Yachting Season​

May–October • activity

Barcelona is one of Europe's top sailing destinations

Anchovies in Vinegar (Boquerones en Vinagre)

June–August • food

It is especially pleasant to go to the bar on a hot summer day, drink a glass of ice-cold beer and eat Boquerones en Vinagre!

El Bot Salvavides

June–September • activity

A coastal town of Calafell not far from Barcelona is home to an interesting phenomenon – unsinkable lifeboat


May–August • food

It's impossible to imagine a holiday without grilled sardines


Tarragona Human Towers Competition

October 07–08, 2017 • event

A spectacular competition of building human towers - something to be seen only in Catalonia

Carnaval de Barcelona

February 28–March 06, 2019 • event

Catalan answer to the carnival season is more than fun. It's spectacular!

La Merce

September 21–24, 2018 • event

A signature Barcelona street festival not to be missed


December–April • food

Fried onions turned into a culinary masterpiece

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

October–April • activity

Incredible mix of water, light and music making a great performance​

Sonar Festival

June 14–16, 2018 • event

Legendary electronic music festival, one of the best in the world

L'ou сom Balla or Dancing Egg

June 20, 2019 • event

A peculiar tradition dating back to the 16th century

Primavera Sound

May 30–June 03, 2018 • event

Barcelona's edition of Primavera Sound attracts more and more people from every corner of the world

Fiesta de Santa Eulalia

Around February 12 • event

A traditional Catalan street party with giants, dragons​, lions and eagles taking part

El Caganer

December • activity

An unusual Catalan tradition - a defecating man in a nativity scene

Diada Nacional de Catalunya

September 11 • event

A very important day for the Catalans

San Juan Bonfire Festival (Noche de San Juan)

June 23–June 24 • event

Bonfires and songs highlight the celebration of St. John's Eve and summer solstice

Festa Major de Gràcia

August 15–August 21 • event

Catalan style street party is an unsurpassable fun experience

Formula 1 Gran Premio De España

May 11–13, 2018 • event

A spectacular Formula One race, one of the oldest in the world

Montjuic de Nit

 • event

A great offbeat cultural festival in a beautiful location

La Dansa de la Mort de Verges

March 24, 2016 • event

An ancient and unique Dance of the Death

Sitges Carnival

February 28–March 06, 2019 • event

The Sitges Carnival attracts more than 250,000 people to see its bright show and colourful parties, making it one of the most popular carnivals in the world

Tió de Nadal

December 08–25 • activity

An interesting Catalan Christmas tradition - to take care of a log

Barcelona Marathon

March 10, 2019 • event

A challenging race through the streets of the most beautiful parts of Barcelona


September 11–September 24 • activity

A traditional Catalan group dance that could be performed by all people of all ages

FC Barcelona and Camp Nou

August–May • activity

The most exciting matches of the Champions League in the biggest football stadium in Europe

Castanyes i Moniatos

October–November • food

Sweet potato and chestnuts are perfect autumn comfort foods

"Gossos d'Atura" (Sheep Dog) Competitions

late August–early October • event

An unusual show of traditional shepperd dogs from all over Spain

Girona Flower Festival

May 12–20, 2018 • event

Houses decorated with amazing floral arrangements transform the old city of Girona into an incredible bouquet of landscapes, colours, and beauty

Ball de Bastons

April 23 | June 22 | September 11 | September 24 • event

An ancient Catalan tradition—stick dancing

Sopa de Galets

December • food

A wonderful winter comfort food

New Year's Eve

December 31–January 01 • event

Eating 12 grapes, wearing red coloured underwear and preparing a special cake is only a part of the incredible celebration in Spain


October 31–November 01 • food

Delicious sweet pastry served on All Saints Day

Sant Joan's Coca

late June • food

A delicious sweet treat available only during the holiday

Sitges Fiesta Mayor

August 2018 (TBA) • event

Sitges Fiesta Mayor is one of the most important events of the year featuring a spectacular 30-minute firework display that lights up the Mediterranean

Three Kings Day

January 05–January 06 • event

Epiphany is a great holiday in Barcelona celebrated by La Cabalgata de Reyes Magos

Dia de Sant Jordi

April 23 • event

A colorful holiday during the flower bloom season

Roscón de Reyes or Kings Cake

January 05–January 06 • food

A traditional round Epiphany cake


March 05, 2019 • food

Grilled sausages are an important food in Catalonia

Mona de Pascua

April 20–21, 2019 • food

Delicious Easter cakes that are given by godparents to their godchildren


January 17 • food

An interesting regional farmers' food


November 01 • event

A family-oriented holiday in commemoration of dead relatives and to celebrate the harvest