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Torello Carnival (Carnaval de Terra Endins) 2022

One of the wildest festivals in Catalonia


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Carnaval de Terra Endins in Torello is a vibrant Catalonian festival, which starts on Shrove Tuesday and lasts for about one week. Torello Carnival, which boasts about 30 years of modern history, gathers large crowds from all over Spain, and the atmosphere in the town during the festivities is just incredible.

The main events of the Carnaval de Terra Endins include the Pullassu, a wild celebration that occurs on Shrove Tuesday. The Pullassu is a magical and playful ritual during which the sorcerer Xapot finds an ingredient for a magic potion for Margalef, the son of the Carnival King. The ritual performed at plaça Germà Donat is followed by the parade going to la Plaça Vella with all of the costumed characters participating. Nit de les Senyoretes is another popular event where local men dress up as girls. The Burial of the Sardine is a beloved tradition celebrated on Ash Wednesday.

Carnival is one of the main annual events in Torello, and preparations for it last for months. The carnival traditions are being introduced to children when the King or Queen of the Carnival goes through the local schools to spread the carnival spirit and engage the younger generation. Torello, located in the province of Barcelona, sits at the confluence of the Ter and Ges Rivers in Vall del Ges (The Ges Valley).

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