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Best time to go to St. Lucia

St. Lucia Carnival 2022

One of the prime celebrations across the Caribbean islands


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If you're looking for the best time to visit the Caribbean Islands, St. Lucia Carnival must be the winning option. This celebration, fused with elaborate costumes, pure Caribbean vibes, and intoxicating rhythms, takes place on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia in Castries. During June and July, the city hosts a variety of colorful fetes and energetic parties. But the actual carnival runs during the last week of the season, culminating on the two final days with a boisterous parade of the bands.

Though the capital city of Castries hosts the main carnival events, some festivities also run across several other spots across the island. A number of activities are planned around Gras Islet in the northern part of Saint Lucia. Namely, check out Rodney Bay Marina, Reduit Beach, and Pigeon Island. For more details on the schedule and venues, please contact the organizers (see External Resources below).

St. Lucia Carnival used to be held before Lent, like in other Caribbean countries. But in 1999, the festivities moved to July so as to avoid the rivalry with the much larger Trinidad and Tobago carnival. Since then, St. Lucia Carnival has grown into the biggest bash on the island and one of the the West Indies' top events, drawing chords of overseas tourists.

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