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Rio Carnival 2025

Carnival is an essential part of life and a deep-rooted tradition in Rio

Dates: February 28-March 8, 2025

Rio Carnival
Rio Carnival
Rio Carnival
Rio Carnival
Rio Carnival

Rio could not be imagined without the carnival, which is considered the biggest festival not only in Brazil but also in the world. The carnival is a magnificent show with samba parades, costume balls, street parties, and lots of other euphoric and crazy events.

Samba Parade

It takes place four days before Lent and ends on Fat Tuesday. During these days, people go out to the streets to dance, sing, eat, drink, play music, and just enjoy life. The high point of that is the Samba Parade, held in the Sambodromo. Numerous samba schools participate in this final parade after a whole year of preparation. During this event, samba dancers perform famous moves while wearing fabulous costumes.

Wrapping up

After the Parade, people choose the Queen of the carnival and enjoy the Winners Parade. Rio carnival is not only the main tourist attraction, but also a big part of the local culture. So, book your accommodation in advance and have a terrific time!

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