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Futevôlei or Footvolley in Rio de Janeiro

A typical Brazilian game that will keep you having fun on the beach

Futevôlei or Footvolley
Futevôlei or Footvolley
Futevôlei or Footvolley

Since the beaches in Rio are usually crowded, and there isn't enough space to play football—the favorite game of the Brazilians, they've had to be a little creative and find an alternative way to play it. That's how the futevolei was born. It's played on a volleyball court, and the rules are almost the same. With one exception—you're not allowed to touch the ball with your hands. You have to beat the ball with all the other parts of your body depending on y​our skills and creativity. You will be surprised at how talented the locals are. So if you're not in the mood to play you can just watch how the fit and tanned Cariocas masterly deal with the ball. Check out a famous spot—CT Marcinho Futevôlei.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro to experience futevolei or footvolley?

To experience futevolei or footvolley, the recommended time to visit Rio de Janeiro is from December to March as it is summer in Brazil. During these months, Rio boasts of sunny beaches filled with locals and tourists, providing ample opportunities for visitors to observe or even join in the sport. However, the high humidity and temperatures may make it challenging to participate or watch outdoor sports comfortably. Show more

What is futevolei and how is it different from regular volleyball?

Futevolei, also known as footvolley, is a popular Brazilian sport played on a volleyball court. The primary objective of this sport is to pass the ball over the net without using one's hands but instead using various body parts such as the feet, head, chest. The game is a unique combination of beach volleyball and soccer. Futevolei is played neither in teams nor scored traditionally, but it's energy-intensive, requiring high levels of skill, creativity, and endurance, and both genders across all ages enjoy it. Show more

Where is the best place to watch locals play futevolei in Rio de Janeiro?

CT Marcinho Futevôlei, situated at Ipanema Beach, is one of the top places to observe locals play futevolei in Rio de Janeiro. It's a sports complex housing some of the city's top futevolei players, offering classes, tournaments, and open courts for those who want to watch or play. Although other popular spots in Rio for futevolei include Arpoador Beach and Copacabana Beach, they tend to be quite busy and touristy. Show more

Can beginners play futevolei or is it only for experienced players?

Despite requiring skill and athleticism, beginners are welcomed to try playing futevolei, an inclusive sport open to all levels, from beginners to professionals. Many futevolei clubs and schools in Rio offer classes and coaching. Playing futevolei is an excellent way to socialize with locals, keep fit, and have fun. Visitors should be prepared to work hard, make errors, and get sandy, as futevolei can be physically challenging and demanding. Show more

Are there any specific techniques or tricks to learn before playing futevolei?

There are specific techniques and tricks a new player may learn to improve their futevolei playing skills and even make the game more entertaining. Exercises like juggling, passing, and shooting with a football may improve a player's coordination and footwork. Additionally, observing professional futevolei players for moves and strategies is beneficial to improving one's skills. Cyclone or bicycle kick, scissors kick, diving header and backflip are examples of popular futevolei manoeuvres. However, players should avoid hazardous or unsafe moves without prior training and supervision. Show more

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