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Brazil's Independence Day 2024, Rio de Janeiro

Freedom means a lot to Rio natives and they know how to celebrate it

Dates: September 7

Brazil's Independence Day
Brazil's Independence Day
Brazil's Independence Day

Brazilians really value their independence from Portugal and celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm. Brazil's Independence Day is on the 7th of September and is a national holiday. Cariocas know how to celebrate something and Independence Day is no exception. They come out to the streets, put Brazilian flags on everything they can reach and, of course, they party. Balloons and banners are everywhere, parades are held in the square of Cinelândia, there are fireworks, and the city is filled with joy. Sometimes this day is marked with protests in the streets, that can also be an interesting thing to experience.

Independence Day Military Parade

The most prominent celebration of Brazil's Independence Day is the annual military parade. Comprised of thousands of military personnel marching down along Copacabana Beach, the procession is a sight to behold. Military vehicles, tanks, and regular passenger vehicles with public officials complete the parade. A similar event, on a much bigger scale and with Brazil's president present, is also held in Brasilia.

Independence Day Civic Parade

Another annual parade takes place on Avenida Presidente Vargas, usually at 3 pm. This event gathers thousands of Rio de Janeiro locals, who wish to celebrate Brazil's independence in the national green and yellow colors. The procession features all shades of green and yellow, vibrant Brazilian flags. The participants sing, dance, and collectively perform the Brazilian hymn. If there's ever an opportunity to experience the patriotism of the Cariocas, this is definitely it.

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