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National Day of Monaco 2024

Monaco National Day is a good chance to see the royals and learn about the history of this country

Dates: November 19

National Day of Monaco
National Day of Monaco
National Day of Monaco

On the 19th of November, numerous processions and colourful ceremonies take place all over the country to mark Monaco National Day (Fête National). The morning of the 19th starts with a mass in St. Nicholas Cathedral (Cathédrale de Monaco). Further festivities move throughout the country, featuring fireworks displays, concerts, and medal ceremonies. Parades on the Place du Palais highlight the celebration. Traditionally, fireworks are also organised over the harbour on the eve of the festival, and that's the time when national flags are placed everywhere.

If you want to see the brightness and pomp of Monaco, you will not be disappointed. The royal family, state officials, consuls, and ambassadors visit this cathedral after the mass, all beautifully dressed in uniforms. The celebration ends with a grand ball organised by Prince Albert II.

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