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Oxi Day 2019

Visit the biggest national holiday in Greece with lots of parades and festive events

Oxi Day in Greece 2020 - Best Time

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Oxi Day which is also known as Ohi, Ochi or Okhi Day is a prominent public holiday in all around Greece. The holiday is celebrated every year on the 28th of October. Oxi Day commemorates the "No" of Ioannis Metaxas who prevented Greece occupation by Italian troops in 1940. "Oxi" means "No" in the Greek language. That's why the holiday gained this name.

Oxi Day in Greece - Best Season 2020

During the holiday you will see lots of militaries, student parades, and union marches. In the meanwhile, coastal towns prepare naval parades and waterfront celebrations. Streets will be decorated with national flags, and you will feel a real colouring of Greece and how locals are proud of their country. Be ready that during the celebration streets can be extremely busy and blocked. Besides, most archaeological sites and famous places will be closed too.

Best time for Oxi Day in Greece 2020