Best time to travel to Greece

Sea Turtles

Visit some of the wonderful Greek beaches, which are home to the adorable Caretta turtles

Sea Turtles in Greece 2020 - Best Time

Dean Sas

Once you are in Greece, make sure you have these beaches on your list. Zakynthos, Kyparissia, Lakonikos, Rethymno, Chania, Messenia, and Koroni are seven biggest egg-laying destinations for turtles.

A huge Zakynthos turtle  2020
A huge Zakynthos turtle

During the nesting season which lasts from late May to August, you can observe sea turtles in their natural habitat in the daytime. The Caretta or Loggerhead Sea Turtle can measure up to one meter in length and weigh up to 90 kg. Be careful and leave the beaches before night time to give them space to nest.

Later on, hatchlings appear, starting from late July well into October.