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Sea Turtles Hatching

Maldives is home to five of the seven sea turtle species

There are seven sea turtle species in the world, and five of them can be spotted in the Maldives—Leatherback, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Green, and Olive-Ridley Turtle. When you snorkel or dive in the Maldives it's easy to spot at least two of the five sea turtle species living in the water around the archipelago. Look for lagoons rich with seagrass as this is a favourite food of the Green turtles.

Sea turtles lay their eggs all year round; however, the most active nesting season falls on May–June, while the most numerous hatching takes place in July–August.

Kuredu Island is among best places to observe baby turtles' first steps. Nowadays it's rather difficult for them to find their way to the sea. With the constant light pollution, the turtles often head inward the island rather than to the ocean lit by the moon reflections. Tourists and locals often assist baby turtles in their struggle for survival helping them to go the right direction. Turtles normally hatch during the full moon, but some of the hatchlings come out during the darker nights.

It's better if hatchlings make their way into the ocean on their own. This helps them to program their built-in GPS system that will ensure that any female turtles that survive will make their way back to the beach one day to lay eggs, completing this incredible tale of survival.

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