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Snake Safari in Kenya

Safari is so much more than just lions, rhinos or even elephants. Try snake safari instead!

Snake Safari
Snake Safari

Watching snakes might be not the most famous safari activity, but it is one of the most interesting one. Check out the cobras, the mambas, the pythons and many other less famous species in banks of Galana River. Upgrade your awareness of snake importance for eco-system as well as watch the most skilled professionals taming the beasts. The best weather to go safari is from June to October.

Practical info

When is the best time to go on a snake safari in Kenya?

The optimal time to embark on a snake safari in Kenya is between June and October when the weather is dry and favorable for snake spotting. This season is characterized by warm temperatures that increase snake activity and sun exposure that helps to locate them. The vegetation is less dense during this period, which offers an excellent opportunity for game drives. Visiting at this time guarantees a memorable experience. Show more

Where is the best place to watch snakes in Kenya?

Galana River's banks provide a scenic snake viewing experience to visitors in Kenya. The river's flow within Tsavo National Park makes it a natural habitat to over 50 snake species. Observing snakes basking by the river is a safe activity, thanks to the well-trained guides that accompany visitors. The guides possess an in-depth understanding of snakes' behavior and are knowledgeable about conservation efforts and the vital role that snakes play in Kenya's ecosystem. Show more

Which species of snakes can be spotted during a safari in Kenya?

Kenya is home to over 100 snake species, 50 of which can be spotted in Tsavo National Park during a snake safari. A variety of snake species are available for viewing, such as cobras, mambas, pythons, and vipers, among others. Trained guides instruct visitors about snake habitats, different species behavior, and safety measures required. The guides aim to give visitors an authentic and memorable experience of Kenya's diverse biodiversity. Show more

How do snakes contribute to the eco-system in Kenya?

Snakes are a crucial part of the Kenyan ecosystem and their contribution to controlling rodent and insect populations is vital in minimizing diseases. They serve as food sources to many animals, such as birds of prey and large carnivores. Snakes also play a pivotal role in anti-venom serum production used to cure snake bites. Maintaining a healthy ecosystem in Kenya requires the presence of snakes and their unimpeded function as a keystone species in the food chain. Show more

Who are the professionals that usually handle the snakes during a safari in Kenya?

Herpetologists are professional snake handlers with comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in handling different species of snakes. They provide guidance during snake safaris in Kenya and educate visitors on snake species and behavior. The safety of visitors during the tour is the handlers' priority; hence precautions are taken to prevent snake bites. Visitors get to enjoy and appreciate Kenya's snake biodiversity without compromising on safety. Show more

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