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Best time of year to visit Egypt

Nice weather and moderate crowds make February–April and October–November the best time to visit Egypt. These months are perfect for enjoying the Nile River cruise and hiking Sinai trail. March to May can bring sandstorms from the desert with the ‘khamsin’ wind. Summer in Egypt is sweltering with July and August being the hottest, so escape the heat at the Red Sea beaches, but book in advance. December and January are chilly everywhere except the south, and full of tourist flocks at major sights like Pyramids of Giza and Temples of Luxor. Keep in mind major holidays like Radaman when lots of restaurants and banks close down during the day.


Red Sea Beach Season

March–November • activity

Discover the coastline stretching from the Suez Canal for 1,250 kilometres and flanked with superb beaches

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

May–October • activity

The incredible Red Sea welcomes you to see its rich marine life, but Alexandria's harbour on the Mediterranean Sea is also perfect for discovering the ancient sunken cities of Egypt

Hiking Sinai Trail

September–November | February–May • activity

Explore and admire the landscapes of the Sinai Peninsula with its mountains and canyons

Sunrise or Sunset on Mount Sinai

September–November | April–May • nature

The sensation of being on Mount Sinai as the sun appears in the morning sky or sets on the horizon in the evening is impossible to forget

Mediterranean Sea Beach Season

May–October • activity

Improve your tan on the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean coastline of Egypt!

Windsurfing in Dahab

March–October • activity

The famous windsurfing Mecca of the Red Sea


Camel Riding at Giza in Pleasant Weather

October–November | March–April • activity

There is no better way to explore the Giza Pyramids, the Seventh Wonder of the World, than atop a camel—particularly enjoyable at sunrise or sunset!

Sharks in the Red Sea

May–August • nature

Dreaming about seeing sharks swimming in the open Red Sea? Not a bad idea, but try not to become their prey


May 16–June 14, 2018 • event

Do not worry if you visit Egypt during Ramadan. It's always fun, interesting, and even profitable!

Abu Simbel Sun Festival

October 22 | February 22 • nature

The inner sanctum of the temple remains in darkness throughout the year and sees the stream of natural sunlight only twice a year

Eid al-Fitr

June 15, 2018 • event

Don't miss the Festival of Breaking the Fast known as Eid-al-Fitr in Egypt

Sahara Desert Trekking

October–May • activity

Explore the Sahara Desert—a “country” of orange, white, and black sand dunes and rock sculpted to perfection by the wind


December–March • activity

The rolling sands of Egypt’s great sand sea is home to some of the best sandboarding in the world

Nile River Cruise

October–April • activity

Enjoy the beautiful Nile Valley as you cruise and check out Aswan, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and the Hatshepsut Temple

Sham el-Nessim

April 09, 2018 • event

Celebrate Egyptian Easter called Sham El-Nessim together with locals and meet spring


June–Septmber • food

Egyptian mango is one of the most nutritionally rich fruits with a distinctive flavour, smell, and taste

Lake Nasser Fishing Safari

March–June • activity

Discover the pleasure of a big catch in Lake Nasser

Mineral Springs in Siwa Oasis

October–April • activity

Discover the fabulous desert oasis with its lush palm trees and sparkling muscle-relaxing hot springs

Kitesurfing in El Gouna

June–September • activity

Glide on the water alongside nature, sea birds, and sometimes flying fish, sea turtles, or dolphins

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Luxor

December 09–16, 2016 • event

Discover Luxor's most famous ancient monuments during an exhilarating hot air balloon ride

Locust Plague

March • nature

When you see a swarm of hungry, angry locusts, better stay out of their way!